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Ogeechee River 3 Day 2022

Ogeechee River 3 Day
May 26-27, 2022
342 Hounds
National Rules , HGA

Derby Results
1st 33-Weavers Scooby( Night Moves Dylan X B & B’s Brianna ) Weavers Kennels
2nd 81-Shine( Big Dogs Waterboy X Big Dogs Junebug) Hoynes Bacon, Pembroke Ga
3rd 17-Patrick’s Show Business( Frazier Bros Business Man X Sullivans Ciderella ) J & E & J Kennels, Guytonn Ga
4th 78-Clarks Cookie ( Ch Clarks Money Maker X Clarks Karma) Billy & DeWayne Clark, Bowman Ga
5th 16-Pride( Ch Clarks Money Maker X Big Dogs Miss Queen) Hoynes Bacon, Pembroke Ga
6th 8-Archers River ( Archers ATV X Archers Paris ) Dana Archer, Clyo Ga
7th 84-Caughman’s Pdub ( PeeDees Big Sexy X Caughmans Lil Lady) Caughman & Knight Kennels, Sally & Swansea SC
8th 94-Fly By Night Kenny( Ch Dog Pile Kenny Rogers X Dog Pile Lady) Fly By Night Kennels, Statesboro Ga
9th 74- Todds Dot ( DuBose Push-It X State Lyne Chloe ) Canoochee River Kennels, Claxton Ga
10th 171-Bobby’s Taylor Made ( Ch Milton’s Keebo X Bobby’s Sassy) Bobby Parker, Ludowici Ga
Combination 16 Pride Hoynes Bacon
Classiest Hound 94 Fly By Night Kenny, Fly By Night Kennels
Best Mouth 55 Edges Big Dummy ( Ch Howard’s High Tide X Edges Freebie) Shawn Edge

All Age Results
1st 494-Fly By Night Flea( Ch Dog Pile John Wayne X Reds Yella Girl ) Fly By Night Kennels, Statesboro Ga
2nd 313-Strickland’s JT (Spears Mtn Sargent X Bonds Cowgirl) No Trash Kennels, Ludowici Ga
3rd 757-JBU’ s Tanner B ( Night Moves Dillon X Savage Run Sandy) JBU Kennels
4th 412-Clint’s Dolly( LC Lucky X Smoaks Mag) Clint Sheppard
5th 311-Slip Em In Liza Jane (Ch S & N Repo X Slip Em In C-Hiney) Slip Em In Kennels, New Zion/Florence SC
6th 717-Patrick’s Big Show ( B& B Turbo X EfridsLog ) J& E & J Kennels, Guyton Ga
7th 614-Lil Mules Ducati( Ch B & B’s Chrome X B & B’s Jaguar ) Lil Mule Kennels, Appomattox Va
8th 824-Ch Grab-N-Go’s Refund( Southern Hayes X Southern Black Gal ) Tally-Ho Mafia, Pageland SC
9th 724-Hi Ridge Hot Rod( Farmsworth Rambo X Gi Ridge Foxy) Hi Ridge Kennels, Glen St Marys, Fla
10th 477-Weavers Whitlock, Weavers Kennels

Dual Ch 494 Fly By Night Flea, Fly By Night Kennels
Combination 494 Fly By Night Flea, Fly By Night Kennels
Classiest Hound 494 Fly By Night Flea, Fly By Night Kennels
Best Mouth 705 Night Moves Cartwright( Crisco’s Charlie X Leggatt’s BB) Night Moves Kennels morning

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day 2022

Hunt was May 25-28 2022

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day 2022

144 Derby Hounds
198 All Age Hounds