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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Central Kentucky

63 Derby

1 Mtn Dew Tweety Bird
Ch Country Boy Jaybird x Mtn Dews Smut
Old South Kennel

2 Deek Night Pearl
Hills Yellownight x Sugar Camp Pearl
Todd Deeks

3 D&s Medicine man
Witch Doctor b x D&s Ophelia
D&s Kennel

4 Mtn Dew Robin
Ch Country Boy Jaybrid x Beddards Medusa
Old South Kennel

5 Windy Ridge Rockstar
Sugar Camp Gunslinger x Slones Pretty Girl
Windy Ridge kennel

6 D&s Caption Kellie
Runyon Hk Lennie x D&s Majestic Debbie
D&s Kennel

7 Sugar Camp Charger
Hills Yellow x Sugar Camp Sprite
Sugar Camp Kennel

8 Teg Sugar
Saterleys Mingo x Satterley Crybaby
Tommy Dettwiller

9 D&s Daria
Oh st f ch D&s Two Eye Jack toths Sandy
D&s Kennel
Combination winner

10. Hemroid Hank
Mtn Dew Rambling Man x Mtn Dee Ethal
Donnie and Ed

All Age 145

1st Fl Bama b ch Cmks Damascus’s IGWT
Ch Cmks Calvary IGWT X Chasen Joy
Cmk Tri co IGWT Kennel

2 D&s Extra Credit
D&s Waco x D&s Hazelnut
D&s kennel

3 Fosters Daisy Mae
Jacob Foster

4 Ch Hills Victoria
Hills Yellowstone x Ch Hills White Derby
George Hill and Maurice

5 Black Night Midget B
Alexander’s High Tide x Alexander’s Deek
Black Night Kennel

6 Dolly
Mtn Dew Rambling man x Mtn Dew Ethal
Donnie and Ed

7. D &s Ringo
K&l Smokey Wendell x Country Boy Rosemary
D&s Kennel
Combination winner

8 Crowhop Joe
Shorts Big Country x Salyers Ellie Mae
Doug Rogers

9 Finch’s Shadow
Finch’s Captain Jack x Sw Artic Queen
Glen Finch

10 Hills Shawn
Hills Come and Get It x Hills Gerdie
George Hill and Maurice