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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Roanoke River 2 Day Results- Foxtale Fox Preserve

1- 1161 PTS.- #4- B&B's Sam T.- Williams Danny Boy x Butlers Sassy II- B&B Kennels
2- 1156 PTS.- #75- Trevor's Hi Dolla M.- Hightower's Mo Money x Drive On Lil Bit- Farm Boy Kennels
3- 1149 PTS.- #90- B&B's Hank T- Williams Danny Boy x Butlers Sassy II- B&B Kennels
4- 1083 PTS.- #11- Butch's Allstar- Butch's Red Jack x Dails Sandy- Butch Mills
5- 990 PTS.- #96- B&B's Crazy Lady T.- Norris' Big Boy x B&B's Jet- B&B Kennels
6- 982 PTS.- #2- Patterson's Rita- Ch.P&J's Dallas x Patterson's Nita- Power Drive Kennels
7- 946 PTS.(Combonation Winner)- #104- Blackwater Judge- Cabral's Si x Ch.Blackwater Flygirl- Blackwater Kennels
8- 916 PTS.- #66 B&B Glide T- B&B's Loot x B&B's Clipper- B&B Kennels
9- 901 PTS.- #5- Ketchum's Lil Haley- Ch.B&B's Top Gun x B&B's Haley- Ketchum Kennels
10- 873 PTS.-#61- DRM's Iggy- Pine Valley Saturn x Old Church Shadow B- DRM Kennels