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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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east coast masters

derby results

1. Davis Miss June (Bow Ties Lot x Bow Ties Shady Lady) davis kennels

2. Criscoe's Rosie (Criscoe's Charlie x Criscoes Star) Rodney Criscoe

3. TNT's Lil Red (WT'S Nature Boy x Old Church Silly) Farmboy K kennels

4. FF Bad Boy (Turdhill Bad Ben x CT Diamond) Fowler Brothers Kennels

5. D&J Koda (Ch Bonds Little Jack x Ch Turners Firestick) D&J Kennels

6. Triple Bridge Stretch LS (Ascues Blackberry x Belly-Up Nirvana) Leonard Loyd & Parker

7. Norris' Tequila (Ch No Pity Jigsaw x Postlock's Maeg) Ronnie Norris

8. S&N Jade (S&N Roger Stone x S&N Happy) S&N Kennels

9.B&B's Twitter (HGK Bill x HGK creol) B&B Kennels

10. B&B's Jumper T (Ch B&B's Top Gun x B&B's Haley) B&B Kennels


1. Bold Run Gizmo (Ray's Ace J x Ray's Windy) Bold Run Kennels

2. Ray"s Candy (Ray's Blue x S&L's Slipper) Bold Run Kennels

3.Thompsons Sugar (Ch Cliborne"s Zeeke x Thompson's Diamond W) Kash Flow Kennels

4.TNT's Hub Ray (B&B Earl Ray x Hightowers Nightmare) Farmboy Kennel

5. Bold Run Annie (Ray's Ace J x JP"S Isabell) Bold Run Kennels

6.Paerkers Big Wheel (Ch Bonds Wheeler x Ch. WT's Last Trixie

7.B&B"s Lil Katie T (B&B's Loot x B&B's Katie) B&B Kennels

8. T Jessie's Wizard (Spears Mnt Sargent x Chasin Time Conehead) Skint Up Mafia

9. Lil Mules Fuzzy (CH Norris Big Boy x B&B lil Slipper) LIL Mule Kennels

10. Thompsons Coot ( B&B Loot x Thompsons Topsy) nKash Flow Kennels