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2023 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Old Tram Classic 2 Day Derby

March 24-25

124 Entries
Advertised in February Issue

1st #6 Pay Pals Dust
B&B Chrome X Hilburn's J-Low
Slow and Steady and Pay Pal Kennels Green Sea, SC

2nd #36 Hollis' Diva
Ch. Ole South Metabo X Ole South Mallory Wilmington, NC
HBK Mafia

3rd #53 Hollis' Maggie
Goshen Swamp Pistol X LTW's D Knot's Heartly
HBK Mafia Wilmington, NC

4th #11 Pay Pals Lil Boosie
Ch. Swift Creek Rusty X Broadways Lil Fly
Slow and Steady and Pay Pal, Green Sea, SC

5th #8 Front Row's Big Bird
Front Row's Float X Howell's Brown bird
Front Row Kennels, Ash, NC

6th #865 William's High Cotton
Williams' Crowe X Williams Bertha
Vanilla Gorilla, Whiteville, NC

7th #16 Ole South's Roxy
Broadways JP X JB's Squeaky
Ole South Kennels, Nakina, NC

8th #55 Triple Plays Outlaw
CH. Norris' Cowboy X Hawkeyes Laporsha
Triple Plays Kennels, Delco, NC

9th #8 Front Row's Super Flo
Front Row's Float X Berch Creek Jada
Front Row's Kennels Ash ,NC

10th #51 Pay Pals Red Hot
Caney Boys Red Moon X Caney Creek Claire
Slow and Steady and Pay Pal Kennel, Green Sea ,SC

Combo #6 Paypals Dust
Soy B&B Chrome X Hilburns J-low
Slow and Steady and Pay Pal Kennels Green Sea, SC

Best Mouth #61 B&B's Red Hot
CH. Kyle's Tigger X Ch. Kyle's Cash It
B&B Kennels Zuni VA

Classy Hound #6 Pay Pals Dust
Soy B&B Chrome X Hilburns J-Low
Slow and steady and Pay Pals Kennels Green Sea, SC

Best in Show #40 Turd Hills Big Hoss
Enoch's Pony X Enoch's Cali
BBK and Stay REady Kennels,

Best Opposite Sex #26 Knight's Luci
HOY CH. Forty Creek Spot X Knight's Junebug
Full Send Kennels Wilmington, NC