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The Old Tram / Grassy Branch Shootout Results

Old Tram & Grassy Branch hosted the 2 Day Derby August 18-19, 2023.
68 dogs / Masters 5 Min GTP.

1st place: Dog #12, Forty Creek Chicken Man, off of Croatan's Creed and Croatan's Power Chicken. Forty Creek Kennels
2nd place: Dog #16, Hollis' Twister, off of Ch. Ole Souths Metabo and Ole South's Mallory. HBK Mafia (Combination & Classiest Hound)
3rd place: Dog #35, Run and Gun Gibbs, off of Run and Gun Bandit and Rock Bottom Breeze. Run and Gun Kennels.
4th place: Dog #885, William's Hilda Mae, off of Williams Lard and Williams Bertha. Vanilla Gorilla Kennels.
5th place: Dog #4, Floyds Hardball, off of FCH Kennedys Eightball and Kennedy's Sprite A. Collie Creek Kennels.
6th place: Dog #61, Hollis' Diva, off of Ch Old South's Metabo and Old South's Mallory. HBK Mafia.
7th place: Dog #781, William's Esther, off of William's Lard and Williams Bertha. Vanilla Gorilla Kennels.
8th place: Dog #27, Ole South Leroy, off of Ch Ole South Metabo and Ole South Mallory. Ole South Kennels.
9th place: Dog #20, Forty Creek Crown, off of Millards Ringer Ray and Ray's Elvira C. Forty Creek Kennels
10th place: Dog #1, Top Gun Livewire, off of Ch. B&B's Superman and B&B's Lucky. Top Gun Kennels. (Best Mouth)

Check out the Grassy Branch Fox Preserve Facebook page for pictures and more results.