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2023 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Twin Lake Lincoln

Twin Lakes Lincoln
Derby 48 hounds

1st K&L Swoosh (K&L jimmy jackpot x K&L Nike ). K&L kennel
2nd Loc on Finch (Tail chasin crook x loc on lil bit). Loc On kennels
3rd Murphys spice b (Charkey’s Waylon x treylar’s 2 % ) Anderson creek , Red Bird, Countyline Kennels
4th Skile’s Rip (Boyd’s Shiloh x Skiles Biggen) Tom Elizabeth and Kerrie Skiles
5th Murphy’s Tommy B (Kirby’s Willie x Low Falls Down) Anderson Creek ,Red Bud , Countyline Kennels
6th Ac’s June Carter P (Fras Brothers Business man x Ms Precious s) Anderson Creek , Red Bud , Countyline Kennels
7th Country Boy Joker. (Country Boy Jaybird x Country Boy Chewell ) Old South Kennels
8th Short’s Louville (PowerT mighty man x Shorts Pat ) Short Bros
9th Short’s Chester ( High Towers No Money x Short’s Penny ). Short Bros
10th K & L Morgan ( K&L Jimmy Jackpot x Slady Bank Morgan ) K&L kennel

Combination. K&L Swoosh ( K&L Jimmy Jackpot x K&L Nike K&L kennels