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2023 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Twin Lakes All Age

Twin Lakes Lincoln
All Age 75 hounds

1st Murphy’S Black Widow (Murphy’s Champ B x Murphy’s Millie B) Anderson Creek,Red Bud, CountyLine kennels
2nd Ac’s Cottie’s P. (Frais Bro Business man x OTB’s Ring) Anderson Creek, Red Bud, County Line kennel
3rd Murphy’s Wing B (Whisnent’s jimmy b x b&b Mabeline ) Anderson creek, red bud, Countyline kennel
4th Murphy’s Yella B ( Who dats flame x tsw Sioux ) Anderson creek, red bud, Countyline kennels
5th CountyLine Johnny (redwoods monster boy x Countylines gabel) Anderson creek red bud Countyline kennel
6th K&L Isaiah (Ch K&L Smokey Wendall x country boy rosemary) K&L Kennels
7th JCC’s Oliver Boy ( Traffic circle spite x traffic circle Dixie) outta range kennel
8th Mtn dews Full Moon H ( kearbys big Jake x cand Lee r). Old south kennel
9th Cmk’s Lilly Igwt (Broke rite assassin x Blue ridge speckles) Cms tri co igwt kennels
10th Coopers Joe (Skiles Smoke x K&L holly)
Chris Cooper

Combination and Classiest hound
Murphy’s Black Widow (Murphy’s Champ b x Murphy’s Millie b)

Best mouth K&L Jimmy Jackpot (b&bs top gun x country boys Rebecca) K&L kennel