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SC State 3 Day

SC State Foxhunters Association 3 Day
April 4th - 6th
Swainsboro Ga,
National HGA
291 Hounds AA

1 - Tookeydoo Yard Dog ( Noot Coondog - Noot Baby Mama) K&J Tookeydoo Kennels
2 - Kennedy Pond Trump (Nightmoves Dillon - Kennedy Pond Fat Girl) Clay Smith
3 - Dog Pile Bo Derek (Ch. Howards High Tide - Dog Pile Cameron Diaz) Billy Farrior
4 - Hadlieghs Tamales (Crisco's Wildboy - Leggets Stace) Orange Shirt Mafia
5 - Chapman's Boaz (VB's Virginia Power - Sandspurs Monkey) Pocket Change Kennels
6 - CH. Haas' Shoofly J (Ch. Haas' King Ramses B - Doc Woods Fly Tiny) All In Kennels
7 - Slip Em In Hyper (Jasons Bull - Jasons Dizzy) Slip Em In Kennels
8 - HTC Sleeve (Kennedy's Eightball - Clint's Popcorn) Hard To Catch Kennels
9 - Hicks Black Bird (Crisco's Sundown - Hicks Thelma) Hicks Kennels
10 -Three G's Speck (Ch. Three G's Stitch - Turdhill Oddball) Three G's Kennels

Combonation and Dual - Tookeydoo Yard Dog
Classiest Hound - Chapmans Boaz
Best Mouth - Hicks Flash (Criscos Wildboy - Mynes Hope)