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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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2013 Results for Perry County Running Hound Assoc. Winter Hunt

Perry County Running Hound Assoc. 2-Day Hunt
Jan.10, 2013 - Jan.12, 2013
Cast-- 119 Derby, 140 All-Age
Ad in the December 2012 issue, page 24
Leaderboard & Masters Affil. Paid

All Age

1st#251 Boss Hogg (AGL Chunk ex AGL Monkey 2) Hog Wild Kennels, Hot Springs, AR & Waldron, AR
2nd#714 Hartwick's Peggy Sue (Bobbiettes Thunder x Bobbiettes Cheyenne)
Jerry Hartwick, Greenbrier, AR
3rd#772 Becky, (Pauls Pencil x ZionHill Dixie)
Ollie Noles Jessiville, AR
4th#231 Spook (Hammerdown Aice x South Dixie)
Hog Wild Kennels Hot Springs, AR & Waldron, AR
5th#710 Gyspy (Chases Speck x Blalocks Gumdrop) Chase Bell, LA
6th#778 Ten Mile Lobo (AROFCH Bratton's Sackett x Teen Mile Fire Fly)
Ten Mile kennel, Malvern,AR
7th#410 Black Momba (unknown) Hoop & Hollar Kennel, Locksburg, AR
8th#701 Cost A Lot (Kidds Gone Famous x Kidds Cash Kitty)
Robert Hill, Perryville, AR
9th#301 Spooky (Crowell's Bashful x Peavy's Rain)
Jody Crowell, LA
10th#252 Brenda (Benson's Charger x Trichel's Angel)
Hog Wild Kennels, Hot Springs, AR & WAldron, AR

Combination Winner #714 Hartwick's Peggy Sue, Jerry Hartwick, Greenbiar, AR

1st-#62 Dinger (BGHuff Meshach exTen Mile Hy Time)
SH Kennel, Mt. Pine, AR
2nd-#60 Lancasters Brezzie (Lancasters Kick Stand x Lancasters
Dora) Justin Lancaster, Plainview, AR
3rd-#79 Meathead (Chase's Gate Keeper x Crowell's Fly Girl)
Jody Crowell, LA
4th-#31 Powell's Lemon (Lakehill Jaybird x Bates Faith)
Tom and Bubba Powell, Morrilton, AR
5th-#137 Harris Sour Mash (Kyle's Mr. T x B-Town Gypsy)
Harris Kennels, Benton, AR
6th-#81 BTTB Big Buck (Brattons Sackett x Ten Mile Sassy)
BTTB Kennels, Royal, AR
7th-#190 Ten Mile Flyer (AROFCH Brattons Sackett x Ten Mile Jazzy)
Ten Mile Kennels, Malvern, AR
8th-#170 BTTB Anna (Cochrons x BTTB Lil White Lie)
BTTB Kennels, Royal, AR
9th-#71 TDH Black Sparrow (Lancaster's Preacher x TDH Black Bonnie)
TDH Kennels, Hollis, AR
10th-#33 Sweet Pea (Pearson's Shorty II x TDH Black Holly)
Ray Cameron. Buckville, AR

Combination Winner # 60 Lancasters Brezzie, Justin Lancaster, Plainview, AR
Classiest Hound #67 Brattons Red Gal, Born Again Kennel Jessiville, AR
Best Mouth #71 TDH Black Sparrow, TDH Kennels, Hollis, AR

Re: Results

Correction on 6th place derby hound
should be BTTB Big Buck (Bratton's Sackett x Ten Mile Jazzy)

Could you please change this my mistake. Thank you

Re: Results

2nd all age is suppose to be bobbette's big thunder thanks