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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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Central Florida Foxhunters' Assoc. 3-day field trial 1/23-26/2013 (5 hrs)

National rules
Hunters Horn Ad Nov. 2012 pg.39
All Age-124

Derby H.G.A

1)#63 Dog Pile Poison
sire: Watson's Pepsi
dam: Shocker's Kit
owner: Dog Pile Kennels-Pierson,Fl
2)#20 Little Ben Cracker
sire: Cracker Ben
dam: Cracker Zee
owner: Blaine Fort-Oxford,Fl
3)#56 Dog Pile Birdman
sire: Watson's Pepsi
dam: Watson's Barbie
owner: Dog Pile Kennels
4)#70 R&B Seemore
sire: R&B Pat
dam: Ch. Roberts Ebony
owner: R&B Kennels-Newberry,Fl
5)#33 Bullard's Ruby
sire: Hagans Buddy
dam: Pacetti's Mouthy
owner: Rex Cook-Umailla,Fl
6)#17 RDM Naome
sire: RDM BC
dam: RDM Vera
owner: RDM Kennels-Umatilla,Fl
7)#31 Bullard's Ned
sire: Bullard's Big Boy
dam: Spradley's Cricket
owner: Paul Bullard-Lake City,Fl
8)#50 Lake County' Cry Baby
sire: H.D. Slinger
dam: Schrupp's
owner: Lake County Kennels-Umatilla,Fl
9)#72 R&B Betty
sire: R&B Pat
dam: R&B Princess
owner: R&B Kennels
10)#82 Greer's Skinny Minnie
sire: Greer's Get Some
dam: Turkey's Peaches
owner: Bill Greer-Bell,Fl

#20 Little Ben Cracker
owner: Blaine Fort

All Age:

1)#426 Ch.C&H's Brooks
sire: Hills Power Stroke
dam: Hardins Rachel
owner:C&H Foxhound Kennels-Sorento,Fl
2)#811 Roberts' Ivory G II
sire: Ch. Gowens Smokey G
dam: Ch. Roberts' Ivory G
owner:Dennis Roberts-Deltona,Fl
3)#877 FatBoy's Gucci
sire: USO Ch. FatBoy's John Deere
dam: Ch.FatBoy's KittyKat
owner:Billy Farrior-Charleston,S.C.
4)#510 Dog Pile Mac Daddy
sire: Watson's Pepsi
dam: Styx G.G.
Owner:Dog Pile Kennels
5)#444 Farnsworth Rambo
sire: Farnsworth Rocketman
dam: Farnsworth Barbie
owner:Diamond K Kennels,Newberry,Fl
6)#731 Drivers Clorox
sire: Ch.Gunstock Casper
dam: Ch.Roberts' Puzzle G
owner:Ed Driver-Mount Dora,Fl
7)#421 C&H Sierra
sire: Brady Boys Jeremiah
dam: Sleepy Eye Pistol
owner:C&H Foxhound Kennels
8)#429 C&H Frogg
sire: Ch.Gowens Smokey G
dam: G&A's Comfort
owner:C&H's Foxhound Kennels
9)#601 Dog Pile Hank
sire: Dupont's Rock
dam: MJ's Mouthy
owner:Dog Pile Kennels
10)#611 C&H BB
sire: Ch.C&H Brooks
dam: C&H Maddie
Owner:C&H Foxhound Kennels

#811 Roberts' Ivory G II
Dennis Roberts-Deltona,Fl