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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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South Ms FHA results

South ms FHA derby and all age
Held April 12-14 enon, la
Advertised march issue hunters horn

All age results 122 dogs

1. Mouse kw ( ken's Johnny bravo x twm dottie) owner ken Williams
2. Webb's sheriff ( ham & Taylor's pale rider x chad's miss priss) owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely
3. Ike kw II ( ken's Johnny bravo x twm Dottie) owner ken Williams
4. John b' s happy face ( Thompson' s pinkie x Newell' s happy feet ) owner John beckwith
5. Webb's pumpkin ( t.o.c. brown crowder x Alice b II) owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely
6. Termite kw II ( ken's Johnny bravo x firefly kw) owner ken Williams
7. Brennan's Cameron ( Kyle's mr. T x bailey's mamba) owner south ms heat
8. Otb's buzz ( lakehill's j. Bird x Payless tiny) owner on the bayou/ Payless knls
9. S&l's hammer ( Kyle's slim shady x s& l's shug ) owner channel 16 knls
10. Kyle's ghost rider ( canoy's Matt liquor x guyotte's cowgirl ) owner strickly mafia knls

Classy hound mouse kw owner ken Williams
Dual champion & combination winner webb's sheriff
Best mouth webb's sheriff owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely

Derby results 89 hounds

1. Webb's ring ( lofton's Jeremiah x webb's little fly) Jw Webb & Clyde ely
2. Saucier's sugar ( Kyle's mr T x unknown ) strickly mafia knls
3. Webb's tootie ( t.o.c. Brown crowder x hoover's cheeta ) Jw Webb & Clyde ely
4. Webb's red head ( lofton's Jeremiah x webb's little fly ) Jw Webb & Clyde ely
5. Ryan's raven ( Kyle's mr. T x Kyle's redwing ) strickly mafia knls
6. Webb's tiger ( spire's billy Bob x Seymour's black ) Jw Webb & Clyde ely
7. McCallum's Macy ( Valentine's Fred x swampland clear ) McCallum knls
8. Webb's zoom ( Frazier's stretch x j.r.'s Josie ) Jw Webb & Clyde ely
9. Roger's lacy ( kile's brutiss x roger's ginger) QuickDraw knls
10. Brennan's rotella ( big creek James x hoss's tiger) south ms heat

Classiest hound webb's ring owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely
Combination winner webb's ring owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely
Best mouth webb's zoom owner Jw Webb & Clyde ely

Re: South Ms FHA results

2nd derby s dam is kyle's ms. liquor