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Ogeechee River 3 Day Results

The Ogeechee River 3 Day was held at the United Fox Pen in Swainsboro Ga. on April 17-20, 2013. The hunt was advertised in the Hunters Horn, in the March 2013 issue on pg. 51. There was a total of 258 hounds. 139 All Age,and 119 Derbys. The results were as follows.

Derby HGA

1st HGA.. #150 Whispers Queenie( BS JJ X C & P Freckels )Screaming Eagle Kennels, Eastover SC.
2nd HGA.. #60 B&R'S Sassy Pants( Scotty Bishop X Mitchum's Honey Bee )High Voltage Kennels, Ludowici Ga.
3rd HGA.. #10 Mincey's RC( Wolf Creek Willie X Wolf Creek Annie )There They Are Again Kennels, Garfield Ga.
4th HGA.. #55 Top Dawgs Sharon( Top Dawgs Kurt X Top Dawgs Morgan )Ricky & Rylee Goff, New Zion SC.
5th HGA.. #14 Top Dawgs Tazer( Baileyville Black John X Caughman's Claribell )Ricky & Rylee Goff, New Zion SC.
6th HGA.. #98 Evans Climber( Morris's Red Cloud X Evans Josephine )Richard Evans, Manning SC.
7th HGA.. #07 Ghost( Floyd's Red X Myers Big Sis )Glenn NeSmith, Statesboro Ga.
8th HGA.. 03 Evans Leroy( Charley Dennis Mater X Carter's Lil Rachel )Richard Evans, Manning SC.
9th HGA.. #22 Edenfield's Mayhem( Sam's Ax Man X Tonk's Little Pinkie )Smackdown Kennels, Jesup Ga.
10th HGA.. #917 Archer's Jerrico( Archer's Hank X Archer's Jenny )Dana Archer, Clyo Ga.

Derby Combination...#60 B&R'S Sassy Pants
Best Mouth...#150 Whisper's Queenie
Classiest Hound...#60 B&R'S Sassy Pants

All Age HGA
1st HGA.. #742 OgRiv(f)Ch Cone's Foxy( Hendrix Timothy X Hendrix Betty )Amped Up Kennels, Richmond Hill Ga.
2nd HGA.. #510 Newmans Branch Sandman( Newmans Branch Smoke X Newmans Branch Lady )Newman Branch Kennels, New Zion SC.
3rd HGA.. #401 B&R'S Ragin Chief( Frasier Bro's Look Out X Frasier Bro's Shy Girl )High Voltage Kennels, Ludowici Ga.
4th HGA.. #311 Top Gun(S)Mincey's Ebay( Hart's Striker II X Hart's Hannah )There They Are Again Kennels, Garfield Ga.
5th HGA.. #711 Patrick's Romeo( Powerstroke Boss X H&P Gypsy )J&E&J Kennels, Guyton Ga.
6th HGA.. #712 Mincey's Crash( D&S Mighty Man X Nelson's Biscuit )There They Are Again Kennels, Garfield Ga.
7th HGA.. #691 DeLoach's Dottie( D&S Mighty Man X Nelson's Fire )High Voltage Kennels, Ludowici Ga.
8th HGA.. #419 Nelson's Jackie O( Ch Checkered Flag Little Man X Pricilla )Leebo's Carolina Kennels, New Zion SC.
9th HGA.. #511 Newman's Branch Binelli( Daniel's Pokey X Daniel's Candy )Newman Branch Kennels, New Zion SC.
10th HGA.. #514 Top Dawgs Sugar( Top Dawgs Coonie X Newmans Branch Diamond )Ricky & Rylee Goff, New Zion SC.

All Age Combination & Dual Ch...#401 B&R'S Ragin Chief
Best Mouth...#781 Zig's Martha White, Tony & Daphne Ziegler, Townsend Ga.
Classiest Hound...#514 Top Dawgs Sugar

BIS..#10 Mincey's RC, There They Are Again Kennels, Garfield Ga.
BOS..#27 Edenfield's Mella Yella( C Ray's Yellow Head X Sullivan's Nitemare )Smackdown Kennels, Jesup Ga.

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day Results

I would just like to make a few comments about the hunt. First I want to thank all the judges for their hard work on getting on the hounds. Ya'll did an outstanding job. Also I want to thank Bub, Ben, and Wes for having the pen in outstanding shape. The running was absolutely as good as it gets.
Then there's the South Carolina crowd!! Thank you guys and gals for all you do to help make this hunt such a success. There is an intense rivalry between the Georgia and SC hunters. I think this year Ga got the best end of the deal. But it's about time, ya'll been handing it to us pretty regular the past few years. This is a rivalry, no doubt, but a great, friendly, rivalry. Everyone helps each other,and we really act like one big family. Thats a good thing, and a testament to what true sportsmanship is all about. And how about old Sand Man. And I do mean old! Sand Man was first in hunting, 3rd in trailing, 2nd HGA, and put up 300 sd on the last day. Not bad for a 10 year old hound.
And then there was Anthony Cone( Amped Up Kennels ) winning the whole thing. Anthony is new to our sport, but his name will now be etched in Ogeechee River History. Congrats again on a great win, with a really nice hound.
Thanks again to all who had a part in putting on another great GEECHEE RIVER hunt. We look forward to seeing you all next year.
God Bless