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Results- Morehouse Fox Hunters Assoc.

Morehouse Fox Hunters at Morehouse Fox Pen, April 25-27,2013.Ad in March issue Hunters Horn. 56 Derbies, 41 All Age. Derby Results: Crossroads Tommie [Gunstock Casper- White Gal McCallum] Vance High, Hamburg, Ar. Frasier Bro. Pap [Frasier Bro Lookout-Frasier Bro Rosey Red] Frasier Bro Kennels, Dubach, La. No Name [Hennigans Joe-Hennigans Ruby] Jody Crowell, Ruston, La. McGaha's Nero [McGaha's A-Rod-MaGaha's Bedrock] R&K Kennels, Oak Grove, La. Mountain Top Gennie [Mountain Top Joe-Mountain Top Fly] Mountain Top Kennels, Blue Mountain, Ms. Chase's Dark Eyes[Owen's Bingo-Owen's Fat Mama] Chase Bell, Ruston, La. Mountain Top Wire[Mountain Top Joe-Mountain Top Whirlwind] Mountain Top Kennels, Blue Mountain, Ms. Frasier Bro Red Hoss[Frasier Bro Bandit-Frasier Bro No Mercy]Frasier Bro Kennels, Dubach, La. Crowell's Meathead[Chase's gatekeeper-Crowell's Fly Girl] Jody Crowell,Ruston, La.[10]Crossroads Ellie[McGaha's A-Rod-McGaha's Bedrock] Vance High, Hamburg, Ar. Derby Combination- Mountain Top Gennie All Age Results: Crossroads Resin {Gunstock Casper-Jody Hellums] Vance High, Hamburg, Ar. Cox's Tough Cat[Cox's Big Shine-Bolin's Queen] Rusty Cox, Bastrop, La. Cox's White Face[G&E Steve-Cox's Red Rachel] Rusty Cox, Bastrop, La. MH{D}Mountain Top Allie[ Mountain Top Joe-Mountain Top Fly]Mountain Top Kennels, Blue Mountain, Ms. Montgomery's Betty[Lofton's Jeremiah-McKee's Betty]Carlton Maxwell, Crossett, Ar. McKinnie's Speck[River Dance John Boy-McKinnies Snow Girl]Virgil McKinnie, Marion, La. Frasier Bro Nasty[Lofton's Godfather-Rocket's Dolly]Country Strong Kennels, Dubach, La. Mountain Top Gator[Mountain Top Joe-Mountain Top Fly] Mtn Top Kennel Cox's White Lightning[ Cox's Big Shine[Bolin's Queen] Rusty Cox[10]Pearl[ Montgomery's Ben- Warner's Lucy] Melvin Cross, Crossett, Ar. All Age Comb.Mtn. Top Gator Classiest Hound-Crossroads Resin Best Mouth-Frasier Bro Nasty

Re: Results- Morehouse Fox Hunters Assoc.

3rd place derby should be Hennigan's Joelean (Hennigan's Travelin Joe X Hennigan's Ruby) Owner Jimmy Hennigan Choudrant La.

Re: Results- Morehouse Fox Hunters Assoc.

1 place AA mom of resin. is jodie sorry mr david we put it wrong