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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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Santee Lakes Results

We Had 138 all age and 136 derby

Derby HGA

1st Hga Martins Kate - Martins Hitman x Howards Juliet owner- Mark Martin SC

2nd Hga Southtern Belles Dueces -Cheyenne's Loot x Fergie Lambert- owner-Southern Belle Kennels SC

3rd Hga Hunter's Dixon- Timmons Payday x Timmons - owner Jason Timmons SC

4th Hga R & K's Interstate-Ch. Whiseants Jimmy B x Dark Hollow Rosemary-owner-Payday Kennels SC

5th Hga Minnie-Ch. Dennis' Mator x Carter's Rachel-oener-Jasper Williams SC

6th Hga- Howard's Splitfire-McCutnens Total x Howard's Juliet-onwer-Empty Pocket Kennels SC

7th Hga- Radcliff's Tadpole-No Pitty Heater x Radcliff's Crazy-owner-Grady and Celeb Radcliff SC

8th Hga-Molly owner Leroy Gasque

9th Hga- Kyle's Remajam-Ch. Kyle's Remington x Todd's Snowflake-owner-UCLA Kennels

10th Hga- No Pitty Haywire- Ch. No Pitty Heater x Fergie Lambert-owner No Pitty Kennels

Best Mouth-R & K's Interstate
Classiest Hound- Kyle's Remajam
Combo- Martin's Kate

All Age HGA

1st Hga Ch.Kyles Remington - PC's Andy x ch.Todd's Megan owner-UCLA Kennels SC

2nd Hga CH. Todd's Snow Angel - East Coast Marlboro x Todd's Snowflake owner- UCLA Kennels SC

3rd Hga No Pitty Who Ha - Ch. no Pitty Dusty J x No Pitty Sawdust owner No Pitty Kennels SC

4th Hga JP's Ghost - Dry Branch Freddie x Toms Lil Flirt owner James Phillips SC

5th Hga Leggetts Tina - D&S Gambler x Leggett's Blackbird owner Craig Leggett NC

6th Hga Todd's Razor - A&P Thunder x Brads Midnight R Owner UCLA Kennels SC

7th Hga Radcliffs Jackie - Ch.Norris Streak x Radcliffs Crazy owner Grady and Celeb Radcliff SC

8th Lewis' Warlord - Todd's Warlock x ch. Todd's Megan onwer Old Railroad Kennel SC

9th DFM"s Cosey - ch. Gunstock's Casper x Mryes Kay owner Russel Din NC

10th Hga Tomahawks Vanilla Ice - Popeye Hellums x Ludies Cindy owner Tomahawk Kennels and FOX PEN SC

Best Mouth Ch. Kyles Remington
Classist Hound Ch. Kyles Remington
Combo ch. Kyles Remington