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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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Golden Run for Kids Hunt

Results Golden Run for Kids
Ad.Page 14 March Issue
52 All-Age 42 Derby
1.Ch.McMillan's Little D.(Ch.McMillan's Diamond ex McMillan's Aloha)Ronnie McMillan
2.Herrington's Buttercup (Herrington's Rocky ex KR's Bonnie R)Tony Herrington
3.McMillan's Newt (Ch.McMillan's Diamond ex Hurst's Red Lady) Ronnie McMillan
4.Eubanks' Ziggy (McMillan's Hilo ex Eubanks'Fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennel
5.Ch.McMillan'S Kiki (Ch.McMillan's Diamond ex McMillan's Aloha) Ronnie McMillan
6.McMillan's Moonshine (Ch.McMillan's Diamond ex Hurst's Yellow Jacket)Ronnie Mason
7.Ch.Boone's Revenge (Ch.Boone's Packman ex Boone's Brittany)George Boone
8.McMillan's Red Hot (Ch.McMillan's Diamond ex Hurst's Yellow Jacket) Ronnie McMillan
9.C&W's Little Lucy (Pearl River Brownie ex C&W's Lucy) Wayne Brownlee
10.Pinedale Festus B (Ch.Pinedale Swiper B. ex Houndhill Black Betty) Pinedale Kennels
Combination.Ch.McMillan's Little D.

1.McMillan's Fiona (Wallace Bee Ridge Dan ex McMillan's Hello) Ronnie McMillan
2. Boone's Rilee (Ch. Boone's Job ex Woods' Red Feather) George Boone
3. Houndhill Victoria (Ch. Pinedale Swiper B. ex D & S Ringtone) Houndhill Kennels
4. McMillan's Bull (Wallace's Bee Ridge Dan ex. McMillan's Hello) Ronnie McMillan
5. Eubanks' Fat Boy (McMillan's Hilo ex. Eubanks' Fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennels
6. McMillan's Ox (Wallace's Bee Ridge Dan ex. McMillan's Hello) Ronnie McMillan
7. DB's Toni (Ch. Pinedale Swiper B. ex. D & S Ringtone) Danny Benefield
8.Woods' Eagle (Ch. Woods' Smokey ex. Black Hawk Queeny) Jimmy Woods
9. Pearl River Freckles (Pearl River Brownie ex. C & W's Lucy) Buddy McDonald
10. Eubanks' Little Fat (McMillan's Hilo ex. Eubanks' Fat Girl) Whiskey Bent Kennels

Combination: McMillan's Fiona Ronnie McMillan