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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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La Masters Results

La Masters
June 2013 Issue
July 5,6,7 2013
GTP 5 Minute

Derby Results
90 Hounds Entered

1st-#91- Top Cats Rita(Desoto's Nemo x Top Cats Donna) Top Cat Kennels Oakhurst,Tx

2nd-#78- Oneal's Poison(Lakehills Jaybird x Teats Poison)Robert Oneal Amite,La

3rd-#42- Ryan's Raven(Kyle's Mr T x Kyle's Ms Red Wings)Strickly Mafia Kiln,Ms

4th-#6- Turdhill Money Man(Dash for Cash x C&C Blondie)Turdhill Kennels Springfield,La

5th-#56- Webb's Tiger(Spires Billy Bob x Seymour's Lady Tiger) J.W Webb/Clyde Ely Ocean Springs,Ms

6th-#25- Trawick's B.Mobile(Lakehills Jaybird x Payless Dottie)Treylar Kennels Holden,La

7th-#88- Webb's Little Coonie(Hoover's Nehi x Hoover's Coonie)J.W Webb/Clyde Ely Ocean Springs,Ms

8th-#11- Turdhill Spitfire(Dash for Cash x Lamey's Josie)Turdhill Kennels Springfield,La

9th-#47- Cade's Jetta(Kyle's Mr T x Unknown) Stickly Mafia Kiln,Ms

10th-#8- Oneal's Dot(Lakehills Jaybird x L&R Jill)Robert Oneal Amite,La

Combo & Classiest Hound #6 Turdhill Money Man

All Age Results
70 Hounds Entered

1st-#117- Field & Dual Champion Mouse KW(Ken's Johnny Bravo x TWM Dottie) Ken Williams Bogalusa,La

2nd-#611- Webb's Sheriff(Ham&Taylor Pale Rider x Chad's Ms Priss)J.W Webb/Clyde Ely Ocean Springs,Ms

3rd-#191- Turdhill Joe Dirt(Triple J Black x Kenneth's Sally)Turdhill Kennels Springfield,La

4th-#181- Show Me (East Coast Hollywood x DB Breezy) David Pigott Franklinton,La

5th-#511- Richie's Midget(Canoy's Matt Liquor x G&E Lemon Drop) Strickly Mafia Kiln,Ms

6th-#107- EST's Old Mallard(Swampside Mallard x King's Cow Girl) EST Kennel Blonde,La

7th-#100- Webb's Pumpkin(TOC Brown Crowder x Alice B) J.W Webb/Clyde Ely Ocean Springs,Ms

8th-#161- LaMa"F"Ch Turdhill Tebow(Courtney's Terrebonne x Courtney's April)Quick Draw Kennels Livingston,La

9th-#104- Patsy (Eddie Liquor x Butler's Turkey)Ronnie Blount Osyka,Ms

10th-#610- Webb's Blackie(Triple J Black x Triple J Peggy) J.W Webb/Clyde Ely Ocean Springs,Ms

Dual,Combo & Classiest Hound # 117 Mouse KW

Best Mouth # 610 Webb's Blackie

Re: La Masters Results

3 day hunt an looks like speed an drive dogs dominated