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Garland County Spring Hunt Results

Garland County Spring Hunt Feb. 21-23
MOH Ronnie Powell

1.) #7; 365 pts, Noles'Tia; Noles Kennels, Jessieville, AR
2.) #54; 355 pts, Stemwinder (BGHuff's Meshach ex Double F Squeaky); Reggie Cowan, Story, AR
3.) #56; 320 pts, Saddie (Cochran's Pete ex BTTB Lil White Lie); Bobby Harris, Alexander, AR
4.) #40; 285 pts, Spitfire (Kidd's Card Shark ex Dry Branch Domino); Brian Harris; Bismarck, AR
5.) #9; 265 pts, T's Angel (Lancaster's Preacher ex TDH Black Bonnie); TDH Kennels; Hollis, AR
6.) #16; 260 pts Glidewell's Boomer (Turners High Mcintire ex Polk's Red Ruby); John Eric Glidewell; New Hope, AR
7.) #14; 245 pts; Razorblade; Steve Wilson; Dierks, AR
8.) #61; 235 pts; Glidewell's Big Buck (Bratton's Sackett ex Ten Mile Jazzy); John Eric Glidewell; New Hope, AR
9.) #47; 220 pts; Noles' Ariel; Noles Kennels; Jessieville, AR
10.) #25; 215 pts; Classy; Steve McEarl; Jessieville, AR

Derby Combination: #9 T's Angel; TDH Kennels, Hollis, AR

1.) #671; 390 pts; Banshee (AGL Chunk ex Keller's Sugar Bear); Reggie Cannon; Story, AR
2.) #716; 285 pts; Scott's Jack; Ellie Sharp; Buckville, AR
3.) #779; 280 pts; T's Lucky (Pearson's Shorty II ex TDH Black Mutt); TDH Kennels; Hollis, AR
4.) #417; 280 pts; Noles' Fuzzy; Noles Kennels; Jessieville, AR
5.) #770; 260 pts; Buckwheat (Tuckers Bud ex Tuckers Guys); Richie Tucker; Benton, AR
6.) #415; 260 pts; Noles' Spider; Noles Kennels; Jessieville, AR
7.) #900; 260 pts; R & S Wild Man (Moore's Fly ex Ricks Uno); Stanley Rowe; Casa, AR
8.) #712; 240 pts; Scott's Dark Eyes; Ellie Sharp; Buckville, AR
9.) #511; 215 pts; Powell's Big Boy (Barkely's Joe Dirt ex Wolfe's Lou II); Bubba Powell; Morrilton, AR
10.) #977; 205 pts; Jasper; Richard Gregory; Waldron, AR

All Age Combination: #716; Scott's Jack; Ellie Sharp; Buckville, AR

For the Leaderboard: Hounds ran 5 hours each day for two days; ran under Masters GTP; leaderboard fee paid; advertised in the Feb Issue of the Hunters Horn (page 23).

Re: Garland County Spring Hunt Results

Can you post the number of entries for the Derby and the AA? I need this information for the points calculations. Thanks.

Re: Garland County Spring Hunt Results

Derby 59
All Age 73