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Rodney Terrebonne Results

Storms played havoc the first night as all the creek was full as well as the woods having water rushing through made it hard the first day to get scores as the dogs had trouble staying on the game.We then allowed the hunters to vote and the majority decided because of the situation and more rain coming we would move to the small pen the second day. Man what a hunt we had.It took 882 GTP to win All Age and 552 GTP for the Derby. A special thanks to all that came and fought the weather and helped make this a nice hunt in the end.The cooks and judges also deserve a special thanks.Here are the results:

All Age:21 hounds

1. #181 McCoy's Tuff (Lofton's Jeremiah ex Butler's Red Pepper) Jimmy and Marcy McCoy, Watson La.
2.#161 Rockin C's Firefly (Rockin C's Willie ex McMillans Mercedes) Rockin C's Kennels, Holden La.
3. #174 Alayona's T-Bone (not given)Hunter and Peyton Joiner,Ponchatoula La.
4. #141 Triple S Iceman (TOC Brown Crowder ex Magee's Reva Shane) Rockin C's Kennels Holden La.
5. #101 Rockin C's Leroy (Rockin C's Willie ex Cogley's Red Sky) Rockin C's Kennels Holden La.
6. #171 Pritchard's Susie (Pritchards Tuff ex Hammerin Down Sue Ellen II)Hemp Creek Kennels Jena La.
7. #751 Palmer's Hoss (Patterson's Buford ex Seals Sue) Palmer's July Kennels,Springfield La.
8. #711 Pritchards L.T. (Pritchards Tuff ex D.P.'s Dottie) Hemps Creek Kennels, Jena La.
9. #191 Rockin C's Pinkie (Rockin C's Willie ex Rockin C Sally) Rockin C Kennels, Holden La.
10. #110 Rockin C's Ellie May (Rockin C Willie ex Cogley's Lola) Rockin C's Kennel,Holden La.
Comb-#161- Rockin C's Firefly
Best Mouth #181- McCoy's Tuff
Classy Hound #181-McCoy's Tuff

DERBY:27 hounds

1.#77 Hoover's Nehi (Hoover's Nehi ex Hoover's Coonie) Joel Gill and Lane Starkey Loranger La.
2.#74 Peyton's Lexus (Strong Liquor July Tiger ex Ely's Sugar) Hunter and Peyton Joiner, Ponchatoula La.
3.#1 D&S Showgirl (Pinedale Swiper B. ex D&S Crook) D&S Kennels, Greenwell Springs La.
4.#16 Jerico (Wascom's Obama ex Spier's Gypsy) Newcomb and Webb, Greensburg La.
5.#73 Peyton's Redneck (Top Notch CJ ex -----) Hunter and Peyton Joiner, Ponchatoula La.
6.#5 Rockin C's Hummingbird (Lakehill's Jaybird ex Bonnie II) Rockin C's Kennels, Holden La.
7.#6 Pritchard's Baby Birtha (Christi's Lincoln ex Kidds Big Birtha) Hemps Creek Kennels, Jena La.
8.#12 Newcomb's Spice (Spier's King ex Spier's Baby G.) Newcomb and Webb, Greensburg La.
9.#11 D&S Red Man (Butler's Preacher ex D&S Red Lady) D&S Kennels Greenwell Springs La.
10.#30 Hardluck's Sick'em Sam (Lakehill's Jaybird ex Payless' Dottie) Hardluck Kennels-Jason & Dean Watson La.
Comb-#77 Hoover's Lil Nehi
Best Mouth-#73 Peyton's Redneck
Classiest Hound #6-Pritchard's Baby Birtha

Best in Show #6 Pritchard's Big Birtha
Best Opposite Sex #77 Hoover's Lil Nehi

Also a Nice Plaque created by Mr. Frank Gardner was given as a challenge trophy to the highest scored field hound be it Derby or All Age and this was won by the All Age hound #181 McCoy's Tuff owned by Jimmy and Marcy McCoy with 882 pts.

Thanks again to all that came and made this a success: JEFF

Re: Rodney Terrebonne Results

It was advertised on page 38 may issue two day derby and all age 5 hrs each day

Re: Rodney Terrebonne Results

Just need some clarification from anyone - Is "Hunter & Peyton Joiner" the same kennel as "Hunter and Payton Kennel"? I have some variations in entries and wanted to correct the spelling and match them up correctly if they were. Thanks

Re: Rodney Terrebonne Results

They would be the same if you are referring to Rodney Terrebonne and the La.open Mr.. Parker for instance.

Re: Rodney Terrebonne Results

Yes mr cliff both are the same sorry for any confusion.

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