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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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2013 Southern Illinois Results

Derby 48 Hounds Entered

1st- Moreland's Lighting-Burns Rebel X Hoehners Special Kitty
Rex Moreland

2nd- Hoehner's Tootsie- Hoehners Geronimo X Rick Mans White Pearl
Hoehner Boys Kennel

3rd- Moreland's Shiloh- Burns Rebel X Hoehners Special Kitty
Rex Moreland

4th-Bullards **** Head - Burns rebel X Unknown
Randy Bullard

5th- M&S Bozo- Hammerin Down Ace X Sullivan's Sue Ellen
SOS Kennels

6th- Hoehners Sugar Baby- CH. Hoehners Rock On X Ellis Shelby Pickett
Hoehner Boys Kennel

7th- Bullards MJ- Goodes Tin Man X Gills Mini Jet
Randy Bullard

8th- Hoehners Stud H.- CH. Hoehners Slinger H. X Country Oaks Mattie
Hoehner Boys Kennel

9th- Q's Lorelei- Burns Rebel X Warrens Red Head
Lazy Q Kennels

10th- Hoehners Gambler H.- CH. Hoehners Slinger H. X Hoehners Flyin Vegas
Hoehner Boys Kennel

Combination- Morelands Lightning
Best Mouth - M&S Bozo
Classiest Hound - Hoehners Maya - Burns Rebel X Hoehners Martina B
Hoehner Boys Kennel

All- AGE 55 Hounds Entered

1st-M&S Rusty- Robinson's Rusty II X M&S Packer
SOS Kennels

2nd- Richardson's Money- Dog Bluff Maximus X Goodes Rabbit
Hoehner Boys Kennel

3rd- Hoehners Misty- J's Ten Top X Efirds Lil Bit
Hoehner Boys Kennel

4th- McGee's Foxy Lady- D&S Gambler X Pure Country Diana
Hoehner Boys Kennels

5th- Vaupels Ratchet- CH Vaupels Fed Ex X Vaupels Poison
Casey Ruble

6th- CH. Hoehners Squall- Ducotes Joby X Hoehners Shy Fly
Hoehner Boys Kennel

7th- Hoehners Hurley- CH. Hoehners Slinger H. X Ambler Ridge High Hills
Hoehner Boys Kennel

8th- Blantons Sid- Boones Packman X Foxe's Tina
Lexi and Travis Blanton

9th- Sullivan's Twitter - CH.Hoehners Bold Ruler X Smoothie J
SOS Kennels

10th- Smiths Sandy - Smiths Chopper II X Bills Sadie
Smith and Thompson

Combination - Richardson's Money
Best Mouth- Richardson's Money
Classiest Hound - McGees Foxy Lady

Re: 2013 Southern Illinois Results

I think I saw John's Money dog at masters couple years ago with a 502 on him, not sure if it is same dog, but I like the way dog moved an the Breeding, John go ahead and send me the dog if you bout done with him.