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South Carolina State Hunt Results

South Carolina State Hunt Results
September 18-21,2013
Low Country Fox Run Manning, SC
Nationally Affiliated
Advertised in July & August issues of The Chase(page 45) and Hunter's Horn(page 31)
Total entries: 299

Derby Entries: 118

1st #19 No Pitty Hay Wire(Ch. No Pitty Heater x Fergie Lambert) No Pitty Kennels, Andrews, SC
2nd #44 Dog Bluff Face Book(Ch. Kidds Gone Famous x Kidds Top Rail) Dog Bluff Kennels/Lenny Crowe, Galivant's Ferry, SC
3rd #97 Todd's Tree Shaker(Ch. Kyle's Remington x Todd's Snow Flake) UCLA Kennels, Aynor, SC
4th #21 Langston's Luke(Langston's LJ x Langston's Pepper T)Jump & Grind Kennels, Andrews, SC
5th #1 PC's Ham Bone(PC's Woodchopper x PC's Ketchup) Woodchopper & Buckhead Kennels, Manning, SC
6th #9 Buck Bay's Playboy(Ch. Kyle's Remington x B&B's Covergirl) Bengie Atkinson Marion, SC
7th #94 Sullivan's Maggie(C&D Cooter x Flower's Little) SOS Kennels Creal Springs, IL
8th #36 R&M's Lexus(Morrison's Cracker x Groom's Mary)R&M Kennels Ridgeville, NC
9th #17 Radcliffes Brickhouse(No Pitty Heater x Radcliffes Cricket II) Grady & Caleb Radcliffe Hemingway, SC
10th #67 Ward's Winter(Ch. Hodges Woodrow x Ward's Pingting) Kat Daddy Kennels Lamberttown, SC

Combination Derby Winner:
#1 PC's Ham Bone (Woodchopper & Buckhead Kennels Manning, SC)
Best Mouth Derby Winner:
#30 Thomas Funny Face(Kat Daddy Kennels Lamberttown, SC)
Classiest Hound Derby Winner:
#95 R&M's Rodeo(R&M Kennels Ridgeville, NC)

All-Age Entries: 181

1st #491 Field Ch. Fowlers Feata(Ch. No Pitty Heater x No Pitty Sawdust) Danny & Stephen Fowler Tabor City, NC
2nd #517 Hilburns Toby(Bonds Titus x PHKs Lexus) Kenny & Benji Hilburn Georgetown, SC
3rd #401 Wards Clay(Carters Hammer C. x Old Church Allie)Dog Bluff Kennels-Lenny Crowe Galivants Ferry, SC
4th #772 Crazy M's Macey(Crazy M's O Ring x Crazy M's Spade) Crazy M Kennels Gilbert, SC
5th #614 Ch. Kyle's Remmington(Ch. PC's Andy x Ch. Todd's Megan) UCLA Kennels Aynor, SC
6th #612 Leggett's Cruz(Crisco's Newbern x Leggett's Molly) Craig Leggett Evergreen, NC
7th #816 Big City Little Bit(D&S Mighty Man x Pine Valley Holly) Glenn Humphreys Pelion, SC
8th #801 South Bound's Streak(Ch. Kyle's Remmington x Underdog's Susie) South Bound Kennels Andrews, SC
9th #605 Jolly's Ruby(Lake Hill J. Bird x Hall of Fame Ruby) Jolly's Golden Hound Kennels Lexington, SC
10th #305 Frog's Jackie(Jeff's Black Jack x Neil's Fly B) Outlaw Kennels Lake City, SC

Combination All-Age Winner:
#401 Wards Clay(Dog Bluff Kennels-Lenny Crowe)
Best Mouth All-Age Winner:
#769 Crazy M's Pluto(Crazy M. Kennels)
Classiest Hound All-Age Winner:
#491 Flowers Feata(Danny & Stephen Fowler)