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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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Tennessee State 2014 Results

Derby HGA:
1) Speckles Lucas (Jeff's Black Jack)(Almonds Lacy) Lucas and Caughman, Reedsville, S.C.
2) South Bryan Shorty (D&S Mighty Man)(Jason's Reba) South Bryan and Tubby, GA.
3) Moody's Chad (Fed Ex)(Lou) South GA. Po Boys, Baxley, GA.
4) Dry Branch Halley (Dry Branch Rawride)(ch. Dry Branch Mary) Sonny Cerny, Dry Branch, GA.
5) Bonds Caroline (Ch. Bonds Titus)(Little Brownie) Triple B Kennels, Wallace, N.C.
6) Minceys Smoke (Dry Branch Malibu)(Minceys June) There They Are Again Kennels, Garfield, GA.
7) Bobby's Bobba Looey (Ch. RD Jesse James)(RDs Dixie Chick) Bobby Parker, Ludowici, GA.
8) Mtn. Dew Moonshine (Lynch Ram Rod)(Mtn. Dew Cricket) Malcolm McCarson, Asheville, N.C.
9) Bobby's Big Boy (Ch. D&S Doc)(JPs Sho Girl) Bobby Parker, Ludowici, GA.
10) Gary & Clints Buck (Ch. Gowens Smokey G.)(Lil Mikes Sugarbritches) J. Gary Gowen & Clint Davis, Folkston, GA.
Combination Winner: Bonds Caroline, Triple B Kennels

AllAge HGA:
1) Millers Cash (Millers Dirk)(Millers Tequila) Mark and Heather Miller, Center Cross, VA.
2) Bonds Fern (Lakehills Jaybird)(McKees Buffy) Triple B Kennels, Wallace, N.C.
3) Freeman's Hannah (Lakehills Jaybird)(Lakehills Super Model) High Voltage Kennels, Ludowici, GA.
4) Ch. Millers Raleigh (Gregory's Smokey)(After Hours Delilah) Mark and Heather Miller, Center Cross, VA.
5) Bobby's Dillenger (Ch. Jesse James)(RDs Jezebel) Bobby Parker, Ludowici, GA.
6) Black Cloud Lucas (Jeff's Black Jack)(A&P Gretchen) Lucas and Caughman Kennels, Reedsville, S.C.
7) Bonds Tar Baby (Ch. Bonds Titus)(Little Brownie) Triple B Kennels, Wallace, N.C.
8) Altines CJ (Altines JR)(Altines Pretty Girl) Nick Altine, Meggett, S.C.
9) Summeys Miley C. (D&S Mighty Man)(Summeys Milkyway M.) Hopewell Springs Kennels, Madisonville, TN.
10) Morrisons Boss Man (D&S Mighty Man)(Dee Dee Leggett) GCS Kennels, Ridgeville, S.C.
Combination Winner: Bonds Fern, Triple B Kennels

We appreciate everyone that joined us this year and hope you'll plan to join us next year October 8-11, 2014. Congratulations to all the winners in HGA and bench show.