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2013 Hollywood Open FHA

The 2013 Hollywood Open FHA was held on November 1-3, 2013 at Hollywood Fox Preserve in Appomattox, VA. There were 107 hounds who participated. We want to say thank you to Brian Bell for Mastering the hunt and to Roy Neighbors for judging the bench show and for donating dog food. Also a big thank you to the great slate of judges that worked so hard. Last but not least Thank You to each of the hunters that came out to support the hunt. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and I have to say we all had a really great time.

The results are as follows:
1st-Thompson's Greta-Kashflow Kennel
2nd-East Coast Mistletoe-East Coast Kennel
3rd-Big Kountry Billy-Big Kountry Kennel
4th-Phillips AC Delco-Phillips Kennel
5th-Jordan's Sassy-Brian & Kristen Jordan
6th-Ch. Thompson's Willie-Kashflow Kennel
7th-Newman's Ace High-Sight Chase Kennel
8th-Get Some's Solo-Get Some Kennel
9th-Broke Rite Thirty Dog-Whiskey Creek Kennel
10th-Ch. Opie's Fat Boy-Opie Kennel

Speed & Drive:
1st-Cedar Grove Viper-Cedar Grove Kennel
2nd-Spears Mtn. Brandy-Spears Mtn. Kennel
3rd-Cedar Grove Hollywood-Cedar grove Kennel
4th-Phillips AC Delco-Phillips Kennel
5th-Ch. Opie's Whiteman-Opie Kennel
6th-J-Bird's Sexy Shelby-Virginia Breeze Kennel
7th-Thompson's Greta-Kashflow Kennel
8th-Hill City Stella-Hill City Kennel
9th-Newman's Ace High-Sight Chase Kennel
10th-Whiskey Creek Lady Bug-Whiskey Creek Kennel

1st-Phillips AC Delco-Phillips Kennel
2nd-Cedar Grove Viper-Cedar Grove Kennel
3rd-Thompson's Greta-Kashflow Kennel
4th-Spears Mtn Brandy-Spears Mtn. Kennel
5th-J-Bird's Sexy Shelby-Virginia Breeze Kennel
6th-Cedar Grove Hollywood-Cedar grove Kennen
7th-Ch. Opie's Whiteman-Opie Kennel
8th-Newman's Ace High-Sight Chase Kennel
9th-Ch. Keystones Pony Rider-Keystone Kennel
10th-Hill City Stella-Hill City Kennel

1st-Phillips AC Delco (Ch. Phillips Charger; Country Oaks Rosebud) Phillips Kennel
2nd-Thompsons Greta (S & S Doc; Doc Wood's Page) Kashflow Kennel
3rd-Cedar Grove Viper (Ch. East Coast Holiday;Pure Country Bell) Cedar Grove Kennel
4th-Spears Mtn. Brandy (Ch. T's Blackie; Cedar Lane Image) Spears Mtn. Kennel
5th-Cedar Grove Hollywood (Ch. East Coast Hollywood; Cedar Grove Misty) Cedar Grove Kennel
6th-J-Bird's Sexy Shelby (Ch. Crisco's Newborn; Atkin's Penny) Virginia Breeze Kennel
7th-Ch. Opies Whiteman (Ch. Opie's Gigolo; Ch. Opie's Kitty) Opie Kennel
8th-East Coast Mistletoe (East Coast Dylan; East Coast Sadie) East coast Kennel
9th-Newman's Ace High (Lee Lake Skeeter; Lee Lake Kelly) Sight Chase Kennel
10th-Big Kountry Billy (Elliot's Rusty; Big Kountry Spot) Big Kountry Kennel

Best Mouth-Ch. Whiskey Creek Ginger
Classiest Hound-Phillips AC Delco

Bench Show:
Male Class:
1st-Ch. Keystone Pony Rider (Ch. Opie's Gigolo; Ch. Opie's Kitty) Opie Kennel
2nd-Ch. Opie's Whiteman (Opie's Gigolo, Ch. Opie's Kitty) Opie Kennel
3rd-Outlaw's Red Man (Pineyswamp Yellow Jacket; Warrier Road Freckle) HLS Outlaw Kennel
4th-Ch. Opie's Fat Boy (Ch. East Coast Dylan; Ch. Opie's Latina) Opie Kennel
5th-Hurricaine's Copper (Chip's Speedy Gonzales; D & S Cinnamon) Hurricaine Kennel
6th-East Coast Slick (East Coast Dylan; Wide Open Jade) East Coast Kennel
7th-CMK's CSR IGWT (High Cotton Hercules; Wildwood Miley) Christian Mtn IGWT
8th-Thompson's Yellow Jacket (JP's Ghost; JP's Lil Anne) Kash Flow Kennel
9th-Ch. Whiskey Creek C.R. (Ch. East Coast Dylan; D & S Cinnamon) Whiskey Creek Kennel
10th-Broke Rite Duece (T's Booyha; Brittins Bobby Sue) Whiskey Creek Kennel

Female Class:
1st-J-Bird's Miss Virginia (Windor's Dusty; Ch Taylors Golden Dawn) Virginia Breeze Kennel
2nd-Opie's J-Lo (Ch. Opie's Gigolo; Ch. Opie's Kitty) Opie Kennel
3rd-Ch CMK's Cream IGWT (Top Cat Ringo; Dana Rouse) Chrisitan Mtn IGWT
4th-East Coast Mistletoe (East Coast Dylan; East Coast Sadie) East Coast Kennel
5th-Ch. Whiskey Creek Ginger (Ch. East Coast Dylan; D & S Cinnamon) Whiskey Creek Kenenl
6th-J-Bird's Sexy Shelby (Cisco's Newborn; Atkin's Penny) Virginia Breeze Kennel
7th-Whiskey Creet LT (Whiskey Creek Talladega; D & S Shelby) Whiskey Creek Kennel
8th-Ch. Hurricaine's Black Betty (Ch. Opies Gigolo, Ch. Opie's Kitty) Hurriacine Kennels
9th-Whiskey Creek Lady Bug (Whiskey Creek Talladega; Copperhead's Rachael) Whiskey creek Kennel
10th-Outlaw Pinky (B. Bells Nightstick; B. Hawkins Porkchop) HLS Outlaw Kennel

BIS-J-Bird's Miss Virginia (Windsor's Dusty; Ch. Taylor's Golden Dawn) Virginia Breeze Kennel
BOS-Ch. Keystone's Pony Rider (Ch. Opie's Gigolo; Opie's Kitty) Keystone Kennel

Re: 2013 Hollywood Open FHA

Who won the combo.

Re: 2013 Hollywood Open FHA

Pretty sure it was #90 Opie's Whiteman (Opies Gigolo x Opies Kitty)