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2013 Alabama Masters

2013 Alabama Masters
Master Rules
Andalusia, Al
November 6th-9th
Advertised October Hunters Horn
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52 Derby's

1st= Webbs Tall Man (Ch. Lofton's God Father-River City Jan) Webb & Ely

2nd= Killam Hills Bonnie (Ch. Webb's Little Man-Dennis' Lulu M) Killam Hills Kennels

3rd= Webb's Stretch (Ch. Lofton's God Father-River City Jan) Webb& Ely

4th= Top Flite Goose (Lakehills Hillbilly-Lakehills Britney) Top Flite Kennels

5th= Coneuch River Sniper (Spires Willam-Melvins Raven) Chad Murphy & Rusty Turner

6th= Christy's Snow Fire (Ch. Freemans Red Rock-Bettys Bessie Mae) Top Flite Kennels

7th= Dennis' Boomer M (Trib's Sharkey-Coogles Prety Girl) Big Dawg Kennels

8th= Freemans Holley (Ch. Freemans Red Rock-Tribs Holley) Top Flite Kennels

9th= Pittmans Kitty (P&W Joe-P&W Pedey Wayne Pittman

10th= Dennis' Bella M (Tribs Sharkey-Coogles Pretty Girl) Big Dawg Kennels

Comb=Webbs Stretch
Best Mouth= Webbs Sretch
Classy Hound=Webbs Tall man

52 All-Age

1st= Dennis' Jericho M (Ch. Loftons Jerimiah-Dennis' Lulu M) Big Dawg Kennels

2nd= Webbs Repete (TOC Brown Crowder-Alice B ll) Webb & Ely

3rd= Jackies Judy (Ch. Triple J Black-Sauciers Judy) Strickley Mafia

4th= Polks Night Train (D&S Doc-Crews Candy) Randy Polk

5th= Wolfriver Pretty Girl (Wolfriver Straight Whiskey- Webbs Black Sassie) Wofriver Kennels

6th= Riches Midget (Ch. Canoys Matt Liquor-G&E's Lemon Drop) Strickly Mafia

7th= Wolfriver Billy Bourbon (Wolfriver Straight Whiskey-Webbs Black Sassie) Wolf River Kennels

8th= Dennis' Mary M (Ch. Loftons Jerimiah- Dennis' Lulu M) Big Dawg Kennels

9th= Webbs Lady Coon (Triple J Coon-Gunstock Powder) Webb & Ely

10th= Prichards Country Boy (Christi' Lincon-Prichards Regie) Top Flite Kennels

Comb/Duel Ch.= Webbs Repete
Classy Hound= Jerry's Eli
Best Mouth= Wolf River Pretty Girl
BIS= Morris' Tyler
BOS= Webbs Flag

Re: 2013 Alabama Masters

6th place all age is Richie's Midget