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Derby dogs

Got 3 derby dogs willing to move these are dogs I field trailed 2 has won hunts the other has placed as high as 2nd.
1) white gyp off platts ziggy and mud creek duece she has won a hunt and has had multiple top 5 placing. Fast gyp that runs the front
2) bwt gyp off black smoke quinea d she has won 3 hunts and placed a pile of times in top 5 and top 10 she is a consistent track running gyp that gets stronger longer she runs
3) bwt spotted male same as number 1 gyp. Solid track running dog my best deer dog. He has placed 2nd 3 times and been 3rd 2 times placed bunch top ten as well. Call or text for prices these dogs aren't cheap dogs. 8434990402 I will be traveling to Mississippi in the morning

Re: Derby dogs

Price and will you be traveling anywhere near north Carolina