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Garmin sell out

Couple buddies I hunt with are switching to the alpha system and wanted me to sell all their other garmin tracking equip. They have 2 garmin 320s, 1 with birds eye on it 325.00 a piece. 2 garmin 220s 225.00 a piece. 5 dc30s all still on factory collars and antennas, 130.00 a piece. (1 needs a new antenna, but still tracks fine. 120.00) 3 dc 40s, all still on factory collars and antennas, 140.00 a piece (they want to leave 1 dc 40 with each 320, unless someone just wants a 320 by itself). They still have the carrying cases and boxes for everything I believe. The 320s and 40s are going into their 2nd yr. The 220s and 30s I think this will be their 3rd yr. They also have a Sportdog Shocking system, 6 dog unit comes with 2 collars. Everything works fine, gets used about 3 months out of the year, so still in good shape. You can call or text me I guess with any ?s. 660-216-8372.

Re: Garmin sell out

Where are u loc at

Re: Garmin sell out

NE MO. 1 220 and dc30 sold.

Re: Garmin sell out

Update: both 320s sold! 2 dc 40s sold! 2 dc 30s sold! 1 220 sold!

Have a 220, 1 dc 40, 3 dc 30s, and the Sportdog system left.