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We had an awsome turnout 119 hounds were entered. We want to thank the pen board for allowing us to have the hunt pen was in excellent shape and thanks to all who came out to support the hunt and to all who helped judge and especially greg and robby for laying out everything for us. Congrats to all who placed took 270 pts to get in and took 465 to win!!!

Results are as follows:
1st #77 cash (moody's clyde X lil Mike's china state line kennels

2nd #16 Pepsi ( lakehills millionaire X thunder ridge beauty) state line kennels

3rd #0 goat hill Sam (big creek Sam X doorman J-lo) goat hill kennel

4th #51 wicked walker Clovis (Jason's rampage P. X Night moves Busy) Wicked walker kennels

5th #60 Bad weather Big red ( moody's clyde X lil Mike's china) Bad weather kennels

6th #72 bad weather Q-tip ( B Thompson lightfoot X miller time cricket) Bad weather kennels

7th #424 Abe ( teats hero X Hutchinson's kate) state line kennels

8th #33 wicked walker stretch ( Paulson's yulee X C&H susie Q ) wicked walker kennels

9th #300 Russels snickers ( Russell crazy eyes X russels coco) patrick Russell

10th #2 R&W's Madi ( Go you S.O.B. X Whoa you S.O.B.) Didt wide kennels

11th #29 Goat hill tbone (Mcgoverns t-bone X ?????) Goat hill kennels

12th #15 wicked walker purdy ( river road trouble X River road Jackie) Wicked walker kennels

13th #17 Bingo ( Temples Ringo X lil Mike's rogue) state line kennels

14th #11 R&W's Goldie ( Go you S.O.B. X Whoa you S.O.B) Dirt wide kennels

15th #9 woods honey ( Clark's money maker X Ch. Morris dixie) Alfred woods