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2019 Carolina Breeders Cup Results

The 2019 Carolina Breeder's Cup is in the books.
We had 157 dogs from 5 states show up and show out.

The first day's running was held at The Foreston Fox Run, near Manning,SC and we had red fox, gray fox and coyote races. Hound #135 - PM's Cherry got $100 for high dog at half time and after of 5 hours in the hot and dry, #135 also recieved a Garmin collar for being the high dog for day 1.

The Specialty Feeds bench show was held after the first days running , and Victoria Caughman Knight served as our bench show judge this year.
She determined that #91 - Swamp Music Bell was Best in Show , and #100 - Tobacco Road's Ford was Best Opposite Sex.

After the bench show , our Master of Hounds Clyde Sutton announced the 103 hounds eligible to run for the win on day 2. About 2 hours after this, we were blessed with about 3 hours of rain that was badly needed and it continued thru the night off and on.

The second day's running was held at The Foxfire pen in nearby Paxville,SC. With the rain and a cloudy mist most of the day, the coyote running was awesome.
At half time, #55 - Triple Plays Smiley was on top and got $100. Hound #17 - J. Barber's Blister was the high dog for day 2 and recieved a Garmin collar.

I would like to thank Specialty Feeds, Pride Dog Food, and Showtime Feeds for the 3 tons of feed that was awarded. Thanks go to RFS welding (Kyle Roland) for the numbering table that went to the field winner, and the charging station that went to the bench winner. Thank you to Terry Walker and the Hunter's Horn for their support and a bonus to the top 3 hounds if they were Horn registered (all 3 were). Also to Debbie Johnson and Johnson's Telemetry for getting the Garmin collars to me.


On that note, The hunt will also be giving another $500 to the Carolina Sporting Dog Association. They are fighting for the right to run ANY kind of hunting dog - every hunter should support them.

Thanks to all of our judges who gave their time, they had the hounds covered. And a special thank you to Richard Evans and Matt Chapman for having Foreston and Foxfire pens available to us.

Results are as follows:


1- #70 Howard's Polly (Ch. Howard's High Tide x Jamie's Peaches B) Empty Pockets Kennels , Andrews SC

2- #8 Hank's Baby Bell (Hank's Midnight Rider x Lowfall's Jingles) Pay Day Kennels , The Ville SC

3- #17 J. Barber's Blister (Ch. J Barber's Hi Tech x Brigman's Annie) Kickem Back Jamie Kearns

4- #57 Kennedy's Frost (Kennedy's Nikon x Gaskin's Ann Marie) Alex Kennedy , Rose Hill NC

5- #163 Howard's Jazzy (Ch Howard's High Tide x Howard's Meanie) Austin Phillips, Andrews SC

6- #611 Thelma Jeon (Thornton's Smiley x Thornton's Bullseye) Jeremy Mercer

7- #1 Sam (Kennedy's Nikon x Gaskin's Ann Marie) Goshen Swamp Kennels, Pink Hill NC

8- #9 J&J Creed (Hutto's Budget x HWG Alcohol) Bruce & Nick Johnson, Aynor SC

9- #54 Nelson's Strawberry (Mk's Moe x Valentines Sandy) Logan & Parker, Greenville NC

10- #55 Triple Plays Smiley (P&J's Dallas x Broke-rites Brown Sugar) Triple Plays Kennels, Delco NC

Combination - #70 Howard's Polly (Ch. Howard's High Tide x Jamie's Peaches B) Empty Pockets Kennels

Best Mouth - #52 Nelson's Red Ryder (B&B's Chill x Atkin's Penny) Logan & Parker
Classiest Hound - #117 Leggett's Stace (Crisco's Hi Roller x Leggett's Stacey) Orange Shirt Mafia