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Dairybarn Puppy Hunt Results

The Dairybarn puppy hunt is now complete and it was an outstanding hunt with wall to wall running with outstanding group of hunters and hounds. The excellent judges really did a fine job getting lots of scores. Thanks to everyone that came and made it a huge success.

Young Class:
1st 650 pts #15- Freestate Kennels
2nd 640 pts #14- 747 Kennels
3rd 630 pts #17- Freestate Kennels
4th 625 pts #6- 747 Kennels
5th 625 pts #20-Cyrus (Pawnee's Kid ex Dauzat Bonnie) Cliff Almand
6th 615 pts #4-Jesse's(B&J's Gus ex Dubose Avery)850 Mafia
7th 610 pts #11-Jesse's Rock-It (BCK Cash ex Broadway's LiL Fly)850 Mafia
8th 550 pts #3-Shay (Doc ex Dot)Ham McCoy
9th 530 pts #7-Jesse's Rolex (B&J Gus ex Dubose Avery)850 Mafia
10th 500 pts #23-Mike Williams

Old Class
1st 870 pts #91-Cadillac's Topshelf (Fitzgerald's Renaldo ex Blackwells Bonnie)Cadillac Kennels
2nd 785 pts #81-Cadillac's Vira (Businessman ex Thelma)Cadillac Kennels
3rd 680 pts #99-Cadillac's George (Businessman ex Curly)Cadillac Kennels
4th 640 pts #66 Dubose Tacoma-850 Mafia
5th 620 pts #88 Cadillac's Casanova (Fitzgerald's Zeke ex Toc's Cochise)Cadillac Kennels
6th 615 pts #69 Cadillac's Rosemary (Businessman ex Red Streak)Cadillac Kennels
7th 605 pts #55 Cadillac's Tiny (Businessman Ex Thelma)Cadillac Kennels
8th 515 pts #96 Cadillac's Casino (Fitzgerald's Renaldo ex Blackwell's Bonnie)Cadillac Kennels
9th 510 pts #94 MD's Rock T 3 (MD's Chance ex MD's Caleigh)MD Kennels
10th 495 pts #68 MD's Big John (MD's Houdini ex Linda's Tipsy D) MD Kennels

Thanks to everyone: