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First Annual J&J Fox Pen Challenge Hunt Results

The J&J Fox Pen First Annual Challenge Hunt is in the books! We appreciate and thank everyone who came out and participated in the hunt! We would also like to thank the judges and the master of hounds for helping out and doing such a great job!

Here are the results:
1st Place: dog #421 Jase Gatewood with 160pts.
2nd Place: dog #46 747 Kennels with 115pts.
3rd Place: dog #63 Copperhead Kennels with 105pts.
4th Place: dog#111 Alvin Jr with 85pts.
5th Place: dog#71 Deep South Kennels with 65pts.
6th Place: dog#77 PreachIt Right Kennels with 60pts.
7th Place: dog#701 Swamp Side Kennels with 55pts.
8th Place: dog#97 Big G Kennels with 55pts.
9th Place: dog#21Buck Wild Mafia with 50pts.
10th Place: dog#441 Copperhead Kennels 50pts.

Re: First Annual J&J Fox Pen Challenge Hunt Results

Would like to say a big THANK YOU to Jeremy for hitting the ground running with the pen. He has done a great job so far an believe its gonna be a top notch facility as it has been in the past. Cant wait for the up coming hunts after the 1st of the year. Hope to see everyone there at the next one.