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Results Mill Creek Hunting Club Feb. 2020

I would Like to Thank each and every Hunter that came out and supported this hunt. There were a total of 121 good hounds present and the running was outstanding. Would also like to Thank the Judges that came out and worked very hard to make this hunt successful! Also want to Thank Mr.Claude Hinton with Showtime Feed, Mr. Lee Henderson With Two Rivers Outdoors for Donating all the Dog Feed. This was Greatly Appreciated! Would Also like to Thank Mr. Rayford Clark for the use of his Facilities and everyone that donated food and supplies for this hunt! And Thanks to the Perry County Sherriff Dept. for their assistance in helping us make this a very successful Hunt and to the Cooks for the fine groceries they cooked! Everything is Greatly Appreciated! It takes each and every part to make one of these hunts successful and we couldn't have done it without any of you! The Results are as follows:

1st Place-Hound # 51 with 210 Points Little Creek Kennel
2nd Place-Hound # 65 With 120 Points Chris Roach
3rd Place-Hound # 62 with 120 Points Buck Lott
4th Place-Hound # 119 with 120 Points Brock Welborn
5th Place-Hound # 172 with 115 Points Conner Ainsworth
6th Place-Hound # 49 with 105 Points Smith Hill Kennel
7th Place-Hound # 90 with 100 Points Big G Kennel
8th Place-Hound # 401 with 95 Points Otis Evans
9th Place-Hound # 27 with 95 Points Briar Patch Kennel
10th Place Hound# 104 with 90 Points Dirty South Kennel
11th Place Hound# 188 with 90 Points Darren & Tim Woods
12th Place Hound# 55 with 90 Points Brian Graham & Chambo Anderson
13th Place Hound# 717 with 90 Points Brock Welborn
14th Place Hound# 40 with 85 Points Briar Patch Kennel
15th Place Hound# 1 with 85 Points Briar Patch Kennel
16th Place Hound# 802 with 80 Points Kenny Newsome
17th Place Hound# 408 with 80 Points Blake Lowery
18th Place Hound# 42 with 75 Points Kyle Walley
19th Place Hound# 72 with 75 Points Smith Hill Kennel
20th Place Hound# 74 with 70 Points Kyle Walley

Congratulations to Little Creek Kennel on the Win and to all others that Placed! And Once again Thanks to Everyone who Supported this hunt in any way, It is Greatly Appreciated! Hunters can Fill in Breeding if you would Like.
God Bless