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Final Month for 2020 Leaderboard Points - Top KOY

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has put our general day to day life styles in a whirlwind. It has caused a lot of hardships and financial burdens on families. For those of us that like to field trial and compete with hounds its been no different as the 2020 year has also been a struggle, with a shortened year to run trials due to the various states refusal to issue permits. As we all dream of owning the next potential superstar, the pandemic caused a lot of young hounds to stay at home and miss 6 months of trials, all waiting for that moment to “cast”. This post is just a reminder that the 2020 Leaderboard year ends on November 30 for all trials, except for the American Invitational and the World Cup. Any of the top kennels, hounds, etc., whom wish to gain points and possibly advance in the standings or hold onto your top spot for an opportunity to grab a portion of the $20,000 plus in prize money at year end, should begin making plans to attend one of the two trials. I’ve taken the opportunity this week to begin to break down and calculate the Top kennels and below are their current points, including travel points. Now, there’s a few trials still pending counting points that ran in the past 2 weeks because they have not posted results yet, so, yes, some kennels may have a few more points, but this list below should give everyone a general idea of where you stand with only your top 12 trials counting and the pen rule breakdowns with travel points being added in.

Happy Hunting and see some of you at a “cast” real soon.

Power Drive Kennels 6447
B&B Kennels 6330
Webb, Ely, Lil Biloxi and Kirkland Kennels 4312
Ronnie McMillan 3365.5
SS Kennels 2918.5
Hoehner Boys Kennels 2737
Pinedale Kennels 2523
Top Flite Kennels 2462.5
Triple "B" Kennels 2400
Old School Kennels 2353
Fras. Bros. Kennels 2292.5
Opie Kennels 2180
Bold Run Kennels 2176
Cliborne Brothers Kennels 2170
Efird Kennels 2007
Strictly Mafia 1987
SOS Kennels 1844
Hollow Oaks Kennels 1768
Fast Dog Kennels 1576.5
Silas Creek Kennels 1524
Buck Naked Kennels 1479
UCLA Kennels 1330
Hunters Pride Kennels 1317.5
Kash Flow Kennels 1273
Buckin Bull Kennels 1245