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2020 American Invitational Running Hound Classic

2020 American Invitational Running Hound Classic
December 4-6 2020 at Tar River Fox Perserve Creedmoor NC
Nationally Affiliated
Master of Hounds- Johnathan Bender

Hounds must have HGA’ed in National,Masters or AFHA affiliated 2 day Derby, 2 day 15 hour trail or 3 or 4 day trail during 2019 or 2020 to be eligible for this field trail.

Grade 1 hunt for Leaderboard program

Entries and fees must be sent in to the Secretary and postmarked no later than November 23 2020. Entries must include the following: Hound name, name of hunt, year of hunt, hounds HGA place, owner(name, address and phone number)
Entry fee $75 per hound including penn fee. Membership fee $25.
Enter hounds December 3 2020-run December 4-6 2020. Bench show December 4 2020.

Numbers 1-99 and 3 digit numbers with two 1’s will be drawn, all other numbers may be requested upon receipt of entry and fees.

Timmy Davis-President

Mail entries and fee to:
Clif Parker, Secretary
6330 Hugo Rd.
Hookerton, NC 28538

*Added purse for Horn Registrations
Any Horn Registered hounds finishing in the top 3 will receive a added purse of $750 (1st),$500(2nd) and )$250(3rd)