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C&M 3 Day Open Dec. 3rd-5th, 2020

C&M 3 Day Open

Masters Affiliated/ Run under Masters GTP Rules
December 3rd, 4th, & 5th
C&M Fox Preserve
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431
By:Lonnie Ward

The C&M 3 Day Open turned out to be a success even with all the hang ups. On day 1 Cari Hayes ,our computer operator showed up sick. She thought she would feel better but after about an hour on the couch she was worse and had to leave. Cari was pregnant and due in January but she had had a lot of problems and today would be her day. She had a beautiful son born at 11:23 pm that same day. Congratulations Cari and Jason.
Getting back to the day at hand. Now that our computer operator was out of the game it turned to my wife Hilda to do the scores. She was very stressed now so I asked one of our lady judges (Madeline Lee) if she could help. She said she had never done this before but she was willing to do what she could. Thank you Madeline. I don’t think Hilda would have made it without your help. Between them both they did get all the scores posted and was ready to print the judges sheets. Of course our bad luck was not over. The printer decided to not work and several people tried to help but no success. After a lot of trying the printer finally started working and after that fiasco the Master of Hounds discovered that the 5 minute intervals was not being applied as the computer was programed to do.
That night Hilda called Laurie Hixson in Wilmington, who works with the Masters program, to see is she could figure out what happened. Laurie did not know so she volunteered to come in at 6:00am on Friday morning and figure it out. She brought her own computer and posted everything from the 1st day again, had the judges to check and then posted the 2nd days scores. Hilda said she was an Angel sent from heaven . Thank you Laurie.
After a very long hard day at the office, Laurie said she would come back on Saturday to help finish things up. With all the scores, late hours, and much stress, we finally had a great field trial.
I want to thank everyone who came for all their patience. I want to thank the Judges for doing such a good job and for all their patience also. They were as follows: Master of Hounds Clyde Sutton, Asst. Master of Hounds Jody Duval, Pete Warren, Ralph Smith, Dwight Little, Joey Fowler, Bill Holden, Madeline Lee, Cecil Lee, Chick Benton, Matthew Hammond, Duck Britt, Tommy Murray, James Benton, Charles McPherson, Jimmy Thorp and Cameron Fowler. The Bench Show Judge was Joey Fowler and Ring Master was Jody Duval. Thank you all for doing such a good job as always.
Many thanks to Lisa McShane for helping in the kitchen, taking pictures, posting the pictures to Face Book, C&M website and Speeddogs, posting our ads ect. You do so much to help us and we really appreciate it.
Thank you Bandon Strickland for all your help in the Kitchen and helping on the trail with bay ups. I know I could not have made it without you. Thank you to the game patrol and those that helped that I may have forgot to mention.
A very big thank you to the Masters for all their help and for donating the hats and very nice coolers for the top speed and drive score winners each day.
Last but not least I want to thank the dog feed companies and their reps. They are Mike Carr (Pride), Randy McGovern & Moose Jower (Showtime), Ronnie Mace, Brown’s Hunting Supply (Value-Pak), and Gurganus Feeds (Buddy Boy) . I really appreciate all your support.
Congratulations to all the winners.

Bench Show:


1st #131 Ch. Haas’ King Ramses B: Ch. McMillan’s Pharoah & Sandy Rouse/All In Knls. , South Carolina
2nd #36 CMK’s George IGWT: CMKs Calvary IGWT & Tri County Dream IGWT/CMK and Tri Co. Kennels, Supply, N.C.
3rd #83 Venters Black Bandit: Ch . Tri County Dewey & Polks Brazos Beauty /Meredith Venters, Georgetown, S.C.
4th #53 Hawkeys’s Ace: Hawkeye’s Gonna & Hawkeye’s Amy/Hawkeye’s Kennels, Bolton, N.C.
5th #57 Triple Plays Hard Head: Clayton’s Hill Billy & Clayton’s Breezy/ Triple Play Kennels, Delco, N.C.
6th #Blalock’s Buckshot : Ch. Blalock’s Twister & Country Boy Goldie lll/Lamar Blalock , Norwood, N.C.
7th #56 Top Gun Crush: B&B’s Loot & B&B’s Hard Candy/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
8th #711 Blalock’s J J : Southern Slugger & Round Mountain Hannah/ Lamar Blalock, Norwood, N.C.
9th #93 Brunswick’s Fast Gun: B&B Loot & B&B Lil Slipper/ Brunswick Kennels, Leland, N.C.
10th #713 Never Nice Danger: Ward’s Superman II & Never Nice Rhiannon/Never Nice Kennels, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

1st #975 Dog Bluff Nasty C.: Ward’s Superman II & Ward’s Shelby II/ Dog Bluff Knls., Lenny Crowe, Galivants Ferry, S.C.
2nd #48 CMK’s Rachel IGWT: CMK’s Calvary IGWT & Morrison’s Kit Cat/CMK & Tri Co. Knls., Supply, N.C.
3rd #52 Hawkeye’s Wildcard: Hawkeye’s Smoke & Hawkeye’s Come A Long/ Hawkeye Kennels, Bolton, N.C.
4th #187 McMillan’s Nefertite: Ch. McMillan’s Pharoah & Sandy Rouse/ All In Kennels, South Carolina
5th #4 Leggett’s Foxy: Norris’ Big Boy & BIK’s Red Robin / Leggett and Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
6th #40 Top Gun Trinity: B&B’s Earl Ray and Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
7th #8 Brooks Korie: Brooks Loco & Brooks Ginger T./Travis Brooks, Lumberton,N.C.
8th #19 Stroud’s Jersey: Hawkeye’s Slim & Coot’s Black Magic/ Stroud’s Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #58 Haas’ Swinney J.: Ch. Lakehills Millionaire & Doc Woods Fancy Tiny/ All In Kennels, South Carolina
10th #35 Never Nice White Star: Ward’s Superman II & Never Nice Rhiannon/ Never Nice Kennels, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

BIS #131 Ch. Haas’ King Ramses B./ All In Kennels, South Carolina
BOS #975 Dog Bluff Nasty C./ Dog Bluff Kennels/Lenny Crowe, Galivants Ferry, S.C.

Top Ten
133 Entries
1684 pts to get in and 2675 pts to win

1st #13 All or Nothing Calcutta: T-Byrd’s Ben & TOC Lotto/ All or Nothing Kennels, Ash, N.C.
2nd #40 Top Gun Trinity: B&B’s Earl Ray & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
3rd #56 Top Gun Crush: B&B’s Loot & B&B’s Hard Candy/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
4th #64 Slow & Steady’s Jailbird: Knock Out’s Tryme & Top Cat’s Margarita/Slow & Steady Kennels, Green Sea, S.C.
5th #711 Blalock’s J J: Southern Slugger & Round Mountain Hannah/ Lamar Blalock, Norwood, N.C.
6th #4 Leggette’s Foxy: Ch. Norris’ Big Boy & BIK’s Red Robin/Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
7th #3 Knock Out’s Daisey: Wise’s Screamer & Wise’s Rawhide/Double Take Kennels, Whiteville & Burgaw, N.C.
8th #62 Hawkeye’s Quan: Crisco’s Charlie & H&J’s Roxy/Hawkeye’s Kennels, Bolton, N.C.
9th #26 H&J Princess: H&J Arkie & H&J Cutie Pie/Fast Dog Kennels, Lake Waccamaw, N.C.
10th #411 Norris’ Sam: Ch. Norris’ Big Boy & Crisco’s Star/ Ronnie Norris, Wilmington, N.C.

Combo #40 Top Gun Trinity: B&B’s Earl Ray & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Kennels, Loris, S.C.
Best Mouth #59 Shaw’s Riley: Ch. No Pitty Jigsaw & Moore’s Martha/Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N.C.
Classy Hound #13 All or Nothing Calcutta: T-Byrd's Ben & TOC Lotto/ All or Nothing Kennels, Ash, N.C.