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*** The Border War - 2021 ***

*** The Border War - 2021 ***

April 16th & 17th ,2021

95 FoxRun Gable, SC

This is a derby hunt - For any hound born after April 16th, 2019.

Entry fee is $70 - Run Friday & Saturday - 5 hours each day - Masters GTP 5 minute rules

There is a 150 dog limit - Top 100 and ties eligible to run for the win the 2nd day

Master of Hounds - Mr Ron Lambert

The top 15 will be awarded and the top 10 will count towards The Leaderboard and The Masters Side by Side Contest
Here’s why it’s a border war – In addition to the top 3 payback from the Hunter’s Horn – The high scoring dog from EACH state in the final top 15 will get an additional $500.

High dog each day wins a garmin collar from The Masters

Bench show will be after the first days running.

**All dogs must be Hunter’s Horn registered for this hunt and kennel onsite **

Start reserving numbers Monday, March 15th (7-10pm, Eastern time)
Contact Hank Cranford – (843) 709-6204

We have a 150 dog limit , each hunter will be limited to 4 numbers at first, till filled.
Limit of ONE of the numbers in the (1-19) group and there will be a waiting list , if needed.

2 tons of feed , cash and prizes to be awarded

Thank You ! To Our Sponsors
* The Pride Dog Food *
* The Hunter’s Horn *
* Johnson’s Telemetry *
* The Masters *