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2020 HOY, SOY, DOY & KOY Leaderboard Standings Finalist - Banquet Picayune, MS March 18th

2020 HOY, SOY, DOY & KOY Leaderboard Standings Finalist

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, the nation’s top 20 Hounds, Sires, Dams and Kennels will be recognized by the Master’s Corporation and the Leaderboard sponsors for their accomplishments in 2020. This year has been a challenge with planning and scheduling field trials, with COVID-19 causing cancellations or postponement to lot of trials during the first half of the year. Although secretaries and board members experienced hurdles with managing locations and dates for trials, we still managed to tabulate results from 114 field trials sent into the leaderboard committee to be included in the 2020 standings. Thank you to all of the secretaries, directors and board members who have submitted their trial information and was willing to participate. I’m sure all of the hounds men and women and hounds appreciate your time.

Each of these hounds and kennels listed below will receive special recognition and prizes totaling over $25,000 at the 2021 Masters field trial banquet. Everyone is invited to attend as the sponsors recognize these top hounds and handlers for their special accomplishments. This year, the Master’s field trial will run March 19-21st and the appreciation banquet will be held on Thursday evening, March 18th in Picayune, MS at the Salem House Banquet & Reception Hall. Afterwards, the winners and top 100-150 for HOY, SOY, DOY and KOY will be posted and published in the Hunters Horn magazine.

Each of you should also take the time to say thank you to all of the sponsors listed below for this recognition and awards program. They are amazing in what they give back to the hunters, and they really need to be remembered when you consider feed and supplies for your kennels.

The Hunters Horn Magazine
Pride Feeds
Johnson Telemetry
Mid-South/Showtime Feeds
Specialty Feeds, Inc.
The Masters Corporation

Thank you,
Clif Parker

Top 20 Hounds (HOY)
1. B&B’s High Heels – Brandon Whisenant
2. McMillan’s Gone Girl – Ronnie McMillan
3. Ray’s Bumper – James Ray
4. Diamond Stride XX – Kyle Kirkland
5. Broke Rite’s Ghost – David Rutledge
6. Efird’s Hog Ray – Kyle Efird
7. Diamond Stride VI – Kyle Kirkland
8. Vipor – Michael Whitley
9. B&B’s Annabelle – Brandon Whisenant
10. Hill’s Buttermilk A. – Jamie Hill
11. Wallace’s Stacey – Richie Wallace
12. Wallace’s Spook – Richie Wallace
13. J. Barber’s Kelly – Jason Barber
14. B&B’s Lilly – Brandon Whisenant
15. Bond’s Ziggy – Jeremy Bond
16. B&B’s Chrome – Brandon Whisenant
17. J-Bird’s Foxy Girl M. – Jay “Bird” McGee
18. Pinedale Freckles B. – Robby Bogue
19. Top Flight Jolene – Charlie Griffin
20. S&L’s Woresome – Michael Sherron

Top 20 Sires (SOY)
1. Whisenant’s Jimmy B. – Brandon Whisenant
2. Fras. Bros. Businessman -Randy Frasier
3. Jet Pilot Ray – Ray Tyron
4. Ray’s Ace J. – James Ray
5. McMillan’s Little D – Ronnie McMillan
6. Crisco’s Charlie – Rodney Crisco
7. B&B’s Loot – Brandon Whisenant
8. Burnt Ridge Buster – David Smith
9. Clark’s Money Maker – Dwayne Clark
10. Big Creek Sam – Dwayne Lawler
11. Lance’s Clint – Lance Shaw
12. No Pitty Jigsaw – Travis Johnson
13. B&B’s Steady – Brandon Whisenant
14. Norris’ Big Boy – Ronnie Norris
15. Pinedale Stump B. – Robby Bogue
16. Ray’s George – James Ray
17. CMK’s Calvery IGWT – Chris Powel
18. MK’s Moe – Julian Nelson
19. McMillan’s Brownlee – Ronnie McMillan
20. Bond’s Wheeler – Vaden Bond

Top 20 Dams (DOY)
1. Atkin’s Lucy – Brandon Whisenant
2. S&L’s Tippy – Michael Sherron
3. McMillan’s Baby Girl – Ronnie McMillan
4. Ray’s Windy – James Ray
5. Broke Rite’s Grace – David Rutledge
6. B&B’s Pearl – Brandon Whisenant
7. McMillan’s Lonestar – Clyde Ely
8. Rap’s Mae Bee – J.W. Webb
9. Atkin’s Penny – Brandon Whisenant
10. SS Black Gal – Sky Scott
11. Tart’s Flower – Trent Tart
12. Hodum’s Turkey – Alex Hodum
13. McMillan’s Eden – Ronnie McMillan
14. Allentown Advil – Jimmy Coleman
15. Efird’s Lightning Bug – Phil Efird
16. Cliborne’s Chloe – Brett Cliborne
17. J-Bird’s Sexy Shelby M. – Jay McGee
18. Hardee’s Ivory – Tim Hardee
19. Fox Branch Roxanne – W.T. Davenport
20. Ray’s Brandy J. – James Ray

Top 20 Kennels (KOY)
1. Power Drive Kennels
2. B&B Kennels
3. Webb, Ely, Lil Biloxi & Kirkland
4. Ronnie McMillan
5. Bold Run Kennels
6. SS Kennels
7. Strictly Mafia
8. Top Flite Kennels
9. Hoehner Boys Kennels
10. Pinedale Kennels
11. Cliborne Brothers Kennels
12. Triple “B” Kennels
13. SOS Kennels
14. Opie Kennels
15. Hollow Oaks Kennels
16. Skuna Bottom Kennels
17. Fras. Bros. Kennels
18. Buck Naked Kennels
19. Brian & Tyler Prescott
20. Frank Williamson

Re: 2020 HOY, SOY, DOY & KOY Leaderboard Standings Finalist - Banquet Picayune, MS March 18th

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Re: 2020 HOY, SOY, DOY & KOY Leaderboard Standings Finalist - Banquet Picayune, MS March 18th

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Where did bbk stays ready finish
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