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Masters leader board

Just wondering when they will post the March standings lol

Re: Masters leader board

Ok where do I find out where my dogs are in the leader board standings lol I never have good enough dogs but I finally placed a few two to be exact off same momma and daddy no March standings straight to April!! Lol y’all got something against me?? Placed on the bench at the Masters no picture or videos think y’all trying to get to my feelings!! Lol ok but really on a serious note where are the scoring system on how dogs get points from a hunt for the leader board??I was hoping to see my name but I would like to know what my dogs scored on this leader board. They placed 9th&10th at the Dixieland derby with 91 dogs entered. Thanks for any help oh and does placing on the bench at the Masters give a dog any points for leader board like I said I never have the best dogs but I’d like to know