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C&M Puppy and Derby 6/12/21 Results

C&M Puppy and Derby
June 12, 2021
4 hr HGA
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431
By : Lonnie Ward

Well after a little rest and thinking back to the hunt yesterday I consider it a really good day. Hilda got me up at 3:00am and sent me off to get started on breakfast. She came in a little later to start taking entries at 4. Brandon Strickland was right on time 3:45am. We needed to be ready for the judges to eat at 5:00. All went well. Jason Shields came in to help us about 5:00. Thank you boys for the help. It went good. Jason helped me with the lunch and Brandon hit the woods judging . Man I am lucky to have them helping me. Joey Fowler mastered the hunt and Bill Holden was assistant master. Dwight Little was the bench show judge and Jimmy Tharp was the ring master. With these fellows running the show with the judges that you can depend on make for a good hunt. Thank all of you so very much. The judges were as follows: Bill Holden, Zander Holden, Dwight Little, Cecil Lee, James Benton, Jimmy Tharp, Brian Daniel, John McPherson, Joey Fowler, Tommy Carter, Charles McPherson, Damon Hunt, Duck Britt, Brandon Strickland and Dylan Wilkes.
We had a good rain on Friday so we had plenty of water and not so hot.
Thank you Hannah Knight for taking up the 50/50 that the hunters were eager to donate to for a sick child . Thanks to all of you. C&M also contributed $1.00 per entry ($157.00) and also a $100.00 donation. If you know of a child that is having lots of medical problems please let Hilda know with the details and she will try to get them on her list.
We thank the Masters for donating 2 coolers and 2 hats. Thanks Ronny and Laurie for all you do. Thanks to the feed companies for your support: Mike Carr, Pride, Randy McGovern and Moose Jower with Showtime, Ronnie Mace with Value Pak and Gurganus Feed & Grain with Buddy Boy.
It was good to see some friends from years past made it to C&M. Didn’t get a chance to talk to them much, maybe next time. Some of them got their name called.
We had the most kids in a long time and that was good to see. They stayed busy and I think they had a ball at the Bench Show. Hurry back , you make a happy day.
The game patrol gets a big thanks for your help and the coyotes thank you also.
Hilda had a big day, she got to post scores (thanks). It took her a little longer but it gave the hunters time to chat and catch up on what has been going on and also to meet the new hunters. Hilda and all of us missed Cari. She was under the weather and could not make it. Hope you are feeling better and will be back next time.
We also missed Lisa McShane helping in the kitchen and taking the pictures . She was at beach working and will be out for the whole summer with her business. She will post the pictures later. Thanks Lisa we do miss you.
Thanks to all you hunters for making a good hunt and for your friendships. Hope to see all of you soon. Congrats to all that placed.


Bench Show

1st #531 T.Z. Skillsaw: No Pitty Jigsaw & No Pitty Hattie/ T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls., Lumberton
2nd #2 Knock Out’s Smoochie: Broadways Thumper & JB’s Squeaky/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville, NC
3rd #173 Triple Plays Apollo: Top Notch Yogi & Top Notch Lemon/ Triple Play Knls., Delco, N.C.
4th #113 Norwood’s Playboy: Thomas Sir William & Thomas Red Robin/ Bill Norwood, Darlington, SC
5th #651 Bubba’s Traveler: TL’s Rock & Tatum’s Shilo/Bubba Tatum, Ivanhoe, N.C.
6th #87 Brunswick’s Wahoo: Blanton’s Crook & Platinum’s Blaze/ Brunswick Knls., Leland, N.C.
7th #411 Knock Outs Champ: Top Notch Yogi & 4x Cricket/ Double Take Knls., Nakina, N.C.
8th #117 Davis’s Rocket: Mercer’s Duke & Y-Not Skittle’s/Jonathan Davis, Darlington, SC
9th #570 Buckle Down’s Memphis: Buckle Down’s Hatchet & Buckle Down’s Maria/ Buckle Down Knls., Whiteville, NC
10th #127 Southern Trouble Bama: Mud Creek Floyd & Triple P Madonna/ Southern Trouble Knls., Leland, NC


1st #3 Cuttin Up’s Heart: H&J Arkie & Patterson’s Runt/ Cuttin Up Knls., Orrum, NC
2nd #245 Knight’s Kat: CMK’s Calvary & Knight’s June Bug/ Hannah Knight, South Port,NC
3rd #49 Top Gun Chaps/ ch, Top Gun Full Throttle & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
4th #38 Midnight: Mt. Dew McGee & Ross BB/ Clark Boyz/Mason Powell, Pembroke,NC
5th #720 B&H Kelly: Ward’s Superman II & Ward’s Crystal/High Step’n Knls.,Delco, NC
6th #174 Shaw Cloud: Patteron Poodie Tang & Wells Pearl/ Johnny Shaw, Moncure, NC
7th #650 Bubba’s Maebelle: J. Barber’s Gizmo & Barber’s Missy/Bubba Tatum, Ivanhoe, NC
8th #147 We Dawgs Maybell : W T’s Buck Wild & Trail Blazin Lil Bit/ We Dawgs Knls, Fair Bluff, N.C.

BIS #3 Cuttin Up’s Heart/ Cuttin Up Knls,
BOS #531 T.Z. Skillsaw/ T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls.


61 entries / 435 pts to get in and 700 to win

1st #200 Davis’ Minnie: West Robot & Davis’ Lancer /Cody & Monkey Davis, Andrews,SC
2nd #18 Pressure Point’s Quick: Lee’s Raw Hide & PD’s Abby/Pressure Point Knls.,Council, NC
3rd #10 Norris’Ace: Ch. Norris’s Big Boy & Tyler’s Boots/ Ronny Norris. Wilmington, NC
4th #44 Slow & Steady’s Bad Betty: T Byrd’s Ben & Slow & Steady’s Red Gal/Slow & Steady Knls.,Green Sea, S.C.
5th #12 B&H Wizard : Ward’s Superman II & Ward’s Crystal/ High Step’n Knls.,Delco, NC
6th #46 Slow & Steady’s Black Betty: T Byrd’s Ben & Slow & Steady’s Red Gal, Slow & Steady Knls, Green Sea, SC.
7th #14 Slow & Steady’s Pinky: West’s Slim Shady & Moore’s Martha, Slow & Steady Knls, Green Sea, S.C.
8th #48 Knock Out’s Cardi B : Broadway’s Thumper & JB’s Squeaky /Double Take Knls, Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
9th #2 Knock Out’s Smoochie: Broadway’s Thumper & J B’s Squeaky, Double Take Knls., , Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
10th #4 Norris’ Jill: Ch. Norris’ Big Boy & Tyler’s Boots/Ronny Norris, Wilmington, NC
11th #74 Slow & Steady’s Lil Martha/ Slow & Steady Knls.,
12th #710 Davis’ Tess/ Cody & Monkey Davis
13th #94 Slow & Steady’s Jill/ Slow & Steady Knls.
14th #98 Top Gun Sugar Sweet/ Top Gun Knls.
15th #22 Mamba/ Byrdville Knls.


96 entries/ 530 pts to get in and 835 to win

1st #141 Triple Play’s Black Ice: F ch Four Bishop & Tebbe’s Mouse/Triple Play Knls, , Delco, N.C.
2nd #103 Triple Play’s Jazzy: Hill’s Weed Killer & Arm Strong’s Hot Wheels/ Triple Play Knls., Delco, N.C.
3rd #709 Buckshot’s Gypsy: Buckshots Hardrock & Hoff’s Cricket/ Buckshot Knls., Cerro Gordo, N.C.
4th #61 Dirty Thirty’s Trina: Pee Dee’s Big Sexy & Pee Dee’s Sassy/ Dirty Thirty Knls., Maxton, N.C.
5th #705 Buckshot’s Rebel : Buckshots Hardrock & Hoff’s Cricket/Buckshot Knls. Cerro Gordo, N.C.
6th #701 Buckshot’s Kasey : Buckshot’s Trooper & Buckshot’s Lady/ Buckshot Knls., Cerro Gordo, N.C.
7th #171 Triple Play’s Kachow: Hippy’s Hightail & Hippy’s Pee Wee/Trible Play Knls., Delco, N.C.
8th #113 Norwood’s Playboy: Thomas Sir William & Thomas Red Robin, Bill Norwood, Darlington, S.C.
9th #83 Brunswick’s Coop: Knock Out’s Rambo & Birch Creek Jada/Brunswick Knls., Leland, N.C.
10th #47 Top Gun Black Ice: Mercer’s Duke & CT’s Ellie Mae / Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
11th #87 Brunswick Wahoo/ Brunswick Knls.
12th #15 J.P’s Luke/ Jason Prevatte
13th #81 Birch Creek Bell/ Double Take Knls.
14th #19 Star/ Timothy and Amanda Sykes
15th #601 Maple Rd’s Dice/ Maple Road Knls.

BM #200 Davis’ Minnie
CH #5 We Dawg’s Peaches
C #2 Knock Out’s Smoochie