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C&M Puppy & Derby 7/9/22 results

C&M Puppy & Derby
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431
July 9th, 2022

Results by Lonnie Ward

The speed and drive hunt on Saturday the 9th was great. The weatherman called for rain but I don’t think
anyone saw a drop until maybe after everything was over. Running was great as you can see from the scores.
All the hounds seemed to be in great shape and felt good also. When it started to get a little hot (it is July)
They just kept on moving.
We got to meet some hunters that were new to our facility and they seem to have had a good time. I hope
They will come join us again soon and bring their friends.
I want to thank Master of Hounds Bill Holden for again doing a great job. Also our Bench Show Judge, Johnny Shaw and the Ring Master Danny Fowler for also doing a great job. We had judges who worked hard to make sure
that the hounds were scored as they should be. This is a very difficult job and the judges should be very proud
of their work. If you have ever judged a field trial you know how hard it can be. I really appreciate all those
who helped and they were as follows: Bill Holden, Brandon Strickland, Cecil Lee, James Benton, Joey Blackmon,
Wesley Holloman, Brad Turbeville, Danny Fowler and Terrie Holden.
A special thanks to Terrie Holden for posting scores and getting us our early.
I cannot tell you how much my helpers mean to me. Brandon Strickland was here at 3:30 to help me with breakfast and then went to the field to help judge. Jason Shields came in then and helped with breakfast sales and lunch preparations and sales. Could not do this without my loyal helpers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Please continue to support our feed companies that help support our hunts. These are Mike Carr with Pride,
Randy McGovern with Showtime , Ronnie Mace with Valu Pak and Buddy Boy from Gurganus Milling Co.
Thank you Brandon Strickland and Jason Shields for selling 50/50 tickets for us. Half is given to a winner
drawn and the other half is set aside for a family with a child with medical needs. This past week we were able to give a $500.00 donation to Brantly Ward an 8 yr old child who had a serious bicycle accident in the mountains and suffered several injuries. We need for anyone who knows of a family with a sick or injured child to let us know so that maybe we could help with the funds from this 50/50 drawing. Everyone has been very supportive of this and our winner on Saturday, Mr. Henry Bell donated his 50/50 winnings of $131.00 to go to this fund along with 2nd place puppy winner Mr. Johnny Shaw giving $49.50 for a sick child.. Thank you both so much.
Congratulations to all the winners. Our next hunt will be the C&M 2 Day Derby on July 29th & 30th and the bench show on July 28th . Numbers are being booked now from 7:30pm to 9:30 pm nightly.

Bench Show


1st #85 Jordan’s Hurricane: B&B Chrome and Top Gun Cream / Henry, Steve &
Vicki Jordan, Conway, S.C.
2nd #97 Burnt Island Playboy: B&B Loot & Leggett’s Foxie/ Burnt Island Knls., Lumberton, N.C
3rd #39 Top Gun Moose: B&B Chrome and Top Gun Ricochet/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
4th #18 Stroud’s Slab: Stroud’s Thunder & Stroud’s Jersey/ Stroud’s Knls, Chadbourn, N.C.
5th #731 Top Gun Hype: ch. Top Gun Crush & Drew’s Red Hen/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
6th #45 Front Row’s Big Bird: Front Row Float & Howells Brownbird/ Front Row Knls., Ash, N.C.
7th #521 Locks Tango: Paradise Titan & Paradise Showgirl/ Devin Locklear, Maxton, N.C.
8th #15 Gore’s White Magic: B&B Mizzou & Top Guns Fly/ Chandler Gore


1st #99 Leggett’s Black Eyes: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s Scar/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
2nd #87 Ramsey’s Red Wine: Williams Danny Boy & Butler’s Sassy II/ Brunswick Knls., Leland, N.C.
3rd #781 Top Gun Tango: B&B’s Loot & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
4th #55 Blow-N-Smoke Geraldine: G. Vegas Smokey & Moree’s Racin Jill/ Henry, Steve, & Vicki
Jordan, Conway, S.C.
5th #191 Brunswick’s Sandy: ch. Howard’s High Tide & Sandy Branch Annie/ Brunswick Knls.,
Leland, N.C.
6th #75 Front Row Thunderbird: Front Rows Float & Howells Brownbird/ Front Row Knls, Ash, NC
7th #151 Top Gun Sugar Sweet: ch. B&B Mizzou & Top Gun Fly/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
8th #881 Williams Pearlie Mae: Williams Crowe & Williams Bertha/ Vanilla Gorilla Knls., Whiteville, NC
9th #1 Longshots Trixie: Patterson Puddin Tang & Johnsons Kate/ Longshot Knls., Evergreen, NC
10th #17 Pay Pals Montana: Scotts Shogun & Lotts Pretty Girl/ Pay Pal, Whiteville, N.C.

BIS #85 Jordan’s Hurricane
BOS #99 Leggett’s Black Eyes

33 entries: 240 pts to get in and 535 to win

1st #104 Moore’s Hell Raiser: Burney Boy’s Ryder & Moore’s Honey Bee/ Triple-M- Kennel/ Clarkton, NC
2nd #174 Shaw Zel : Redwood Monster Boy & Carters Lemon Drop /Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N.C.
3rd #184 3-D’s Money: Bedrocks Spartacus & Dorsett’s Sasha/ 3-D/ Clarkson, N.C
4th #2 Harvey Boys H2O: Blanton’s Dozer & Outta Pocket Hazel/ Harvey Boys Knls., Riegelwood, NC
5th #178 3-D’s Trizie: Bedrocks Spartacus & Dorsett’s Sasha/ 3-D, Clarkton, N.C.
6th #908 Mincey’s Squirrel: Broadways JP and Broadways AM Bill /Nick Mincey, Green Sea, S. C.
7th #54 Stroud’s Rose: S&N Repo & Stroud’s Fancey II/ Stroud’s Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
8th #18 Stroud’s Slab: Straud’s Thunder & Stroud’s Jersey/ Stroud’s Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #16 High Voltage Big Stuff: Trail Blazin Bandit & Trail Blazin Zipper / High Voltage Knls., Chadbourn, N.C.
10th #40 Norris’ Eli: ch. Norris’ Cowboy & Tyler’s Boots/ Ronnie Norris, Wilmington, N.C.
11th #60 Norris’ Lil. Mae/ Ronnie Norris
12th #8 Stroud’s Bonnie/ Stroud’s Kennels
13th #262 Britt’s Costa/ Ocean Side Kennels
14th #20 No Fears Jelly Roll/ No Fear Kennels
15th #164 Shaw Ogla/ Johnny Shaw

68 entries: 280 points to get in and 725 to win

1st #61 Front Row’s Mockingbird : Front Row’s Float & Howell’s Brownbird /Front Row Knls., Ash, NC
2nd #67 Pay Pals Danny Ray: B&B Earl Ray and Hightower’s Nightmare / Pay Pal and Slow & Steady
Knls. ,Whiteville, N.C.
3rd #13 Blow-N-Smoke Do It Diva: Broadway’s J.P. & Broadway’s Hershey/ Henry,Steve, &Vicki
Jordan, Conway, S.C.
4th #91 Front Row’s Focus: Front Row’s Float & Howell’s Brownbird/Front Row Knls., Ash, N.C.
5th #121 Worley’s Telsa: ch. Swift Creek Rusty & Broadway Curly Sue/ Double D Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
6th #5 Southern Boys Iceman: Knock Outs’ Rambo & Logchains Pancake/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville,
Burgaw, N.C .
7th #115 Top Gun Rain: Crisco’s Charlie & Taylor’s Daisy / Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
8th #141 Top Gun Birdie: Knockout’s Smut & Top Gun Tribute/Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
9th #55 Blow-N-Smoke Geraldine: G-Vegas Smokey & Moree’s Racin Jill / Henry, Steve, & Vicki Jordan,
Conway, S.C.
10th #177 Worley’s Streak: KO Tryme & Topcats Ginger/Double D Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
11th #3 Pay Pals Ruby/ Pay Pal and Slow & Steady Knls.
12th #75 Front Row’s Thunderbird/ Front Row Knls.
13th #11 Cuttin Up’s Playboy/ Cuttin Up/ CB Knls.
14th #99 Leggett’s Black Eyes/ Leggett & Sons
15th #25 Blow-N-Smoke Hot Flash/ Henry, Steve, Vicki Jordan

BM #5 Southern Boys Iceman/ Double Take Knls.
CH #61 Front Row’s Mockingbird/ Front Row Knls.
Comb. #18 Stroud’s Slab/ Stroud Knls.