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C&M Puppy and Derby 8/13/22

C&M Puppy and Derby
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431

August 13, 2022

Results by Lonnie Ward

What a great day for a field trial. We started with temperatures in the mid 60’ and that alone was enough to make us feel better after having the 2 day derby with temps feeling like 3 digits.
As usual I have a lot of people to thank and I really appreciate each and every one of them.
1st My wife Hilda for helping before, during and after the hunt.
2nd Brandon Strickland for coming in at 3:00am to help with breakfast and then going to field to judge and then helping me clean up afterwards.
3rd Jason Shields for helping in the kitchen and selling meals
4th Bill Holden the Master of Hounds and His wife Terrie Holden for posting the scores and helping take entries.
5th Johnny Shaw, Bench Show Judge and Danny Fowler, Ring Master.
6th All of our dedicated judges: Bill Holden, Brandon Strickland, Cecil Lee, James Benton, Bud White, Joey Fowler, Danny Fowler, Duck Britt, Kyle Blackmon, Joel Blackmon, and Tommy Carter.
7th Feed Companies and their Reps.: Pride, Mike Carr: Showtime, Randy McGovern: Valu Pak, Ronnie Mace.
8th Payton and Izzie for selling 50/50 tickets
9th 50/50 ticket winner Jason Shields for donating his win ($127.00) to the Sick Child Fund.
10th All the hunters who came to support our hunt.
I am sure I have missed someone but please know that I appreciate all that is done to help me with this event each month. Without all of you I could not do it.
Congratulations to all the winners and again thank each of you so much.
Results as follows:

Bench Show


1st #621 Hercules: Blanton’s Crook & Howards Fly Girl/ Nick Blanton, Out of Control
2nd #49 Anderson’s Hank: FCH S&N Repo & Jenkins’ Pebbles/ Chris Anderson, Aynor, S.C.
3rd #71 Burnt Island’s Playboy: B&B Loot & Leggett’s Foxy/ Burnt Island Knls. ,Lumberton, N.C.
4th #171 Slow & Steady Turbo; B&B Loot & Moores Martha/ Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
5th #44 Ward’s Charlie Daniels: Ward’s Redman & Ward’s Gypsy/ Kat Daddy Knls. , Lamberttown, S.C.


1st #715 Ramsey’s Red Wine: Williams Danny Boy 7 Butler’s sSassy II/ Brunswick Knls, William Ramsey, Leland, N.C.
2nd #87 Storm: Lashleys Rocky & 2 C’s Speckle/ Colby Jones, Pembroke, N.C.
3rd #50 Felicia’s Black Beauty: T Byrd’s Ben & Coot’s Runaway Cajun/ Coot Williamson, Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #81 Pay Pals Little Boosie: Ch. Swift Creek Rusty & Broadways Lil Fly / Pay Pal Knls.
5th #51 Pay Pals Ruby: Coney Boys Redmoon & Coney Boys Redwine/ Pay Pal Knls.
6th #4 Mincey’s Squirrel: Broadway’s JP & Broadway’s Ann Bill/ Nick Mincey, Green Sea, S.C.
7th #40 Harvey Boys H2O: Blanton’s Dozer & Outta Pocket Hazel/ Harvey Boys Knls., Riegelwood , N.C.

BIS #621 Hercules/ Nick Blanton, Out of Control Knls.
BOS #715 Ramsey’s Red Wine/ William S. Ramsey, Brunswick Knl.


47 entries: 250 pts to get in and 840 to win

1st #40 Harvey Boys H2O: Blanton’s Dozer & Outta Pocket Hazel/ Harvey Boys Knls. Riegelwood, N.C.
2nd #4 Mincey’s Squirrel : Broadway’s JP &Broadway’s Ann Bill/ Nick Mincey , Green Sea, S.C.
3rd #14 Mincey’s Speedy: Broadway’s JP & Broadway’s Ann Bill/ Nick Mincey, Green Sea, S.C.
4th #80 Maple Rd’s Foxy J.: Broadway’s JP & JB’s Squeaky/ Maple Road Knls.,
Burgaw, N.C.
5th #174 Shaw’s Zel: Redwood Monster Boy & Carters Lemon Drop/ Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N.C.
6th #130 Britt’s Flirt: BG Superman & Huffman’s Raven/ Ocean Side Knls., Leland, NC
7th #42 Stroud’s Bonnie: Stroud’s Thunder & Stroud’s Jersey/ Stroud’s Knls.,Chadbourn, NC
8th #22 Three Speed’s Blaze: FDCH B&B;S Rowdy & J&W’s Pearl Jam/ Three Speed Knls., Randy Mercer, Whiteville, N.C.
9th #92 Blanton’s Joker: Blanton’s Dozer & Out of Pockett Hazel/ Out of Control Knls., Castle Hayne, N.C.
10th #136 Brad’s Lady T: Ward’s Ranger II & Ward’s Mystery Girl/ Brad Turbeville, Chadbourn, N.C.
11th #10 CT’s Blackout/ Chasin’ Tails Knls.
12th #164 Shaw’s Ogla/ Johnny Shaw
13th #90 Maple Rd’s Roxy J./ Maple Road Knls.
14th #66 Leggett’s Honey/ Leggett & Sons Knls.
15th #2 Britt’s Costa/ Ocean Side Knls.


70 Entries
335 pts. To get in and 650 to win
1st #57 Moore’s Hell Raiser: Burney Boy’s Ryder & Moore’s Honey Bee/ Triple-M-Knl.,
Clarkton, NC
2nd #5 Burnt Island Crowe: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s Scar/ Burnt Island Knls., Lumberton, N.C.
3rd #675 Patterson’s Sally: Patterson’s Lightning Bolt & Patterson’s Ruby/ Patterson & Son Kennels, Castle Hayne, N.C.
4th #7 Leggett’s Black Eyes: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s Scar/ Leggett & Sons, Evergreen, N.C.
5th #23 Just Enough Country Girl: Bond’s High Dollar & Crisco’s Elizabeth/ Just Enough Knls. , Pembroke, N.C.
6th #11 Maple Rd’s Montana: G-Vegas Blackdraft and Tyler’s Boot’s/Maple Rd. Knls., Burgaw, N.C.
7th #9 Bullett’s Tito: Turbeville Rowdy Boy & P&B’s Diane/ Jason Rogers, Evergreen, NC
8th #85 Patterson’s Radar: B&B Texas & Patterson’s Ruby/Patterson & Son Knls., Castle Hayne, N.C
9th #53 Patterson’s Natural: Front Row’s Float & Coley’s White Eye Jinx/ Patterson & Son Knls., Castle Hayne, N.C.
10th #51 Pay Pals Ruby: Coney Boys Redmoon & Coney Boys Redwine/ Pay Pal & Slow and Steady Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
11th #43 Patterson’s Light/Patterson &Son Knl.
12th #35 Maple Rd’s Smooth/ Maple Rd. Knls.
13th #13 Harvey Boys Raptor/ Harvey Boys Knls.
14th #71 Burnt Islan Playboy/ Burnt Island Knls.
15th #37 CT’s Tik Tok/ Chasin’ Tails Knls.

Best Mouth #21 Cherry’s Happy/ Daniel Cherry
Classy Hound #59 Benton’s Poncho/ High Step n Knls.
Combination #40 Harvey Boy’s H2O / Harvey Boys Knls.