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C&M Puppy and Derby 9/10/22 results

Sept. 10, 2022

C&M Puppy and Derby
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadbourn, N.C. 28431
Results for 9/10/22 puppy & derby
By : Lonnie Ward

This was our last Puppy and Derby hunt for 2022. We had a good hunt. Cloudy and rainy early morning but rain stopped before hunt started and held off until hunt was over. Judges were lucky they did not get wet. Running was good for the entire 4 hours. We had some new faces Saturday and I am glad they came
And hope they will come back.
We have a lot of people to thank that supported the hunts as C&M. The Hunters and Judges and everyone that gives a helping hand when it is needed. Today we had Bill Holden serving as Master of Hounds and as always doing a great job. Scott Beck was our Bench Show Judge and Brandon Strickland served as Ring Master. Thank you both for doing a good job. Brandon also came in at 3:30am to help me with breakfast before he went out to judge, then helped me after the hunt until I got finished. Thank you so much Brandon. Judges were as follows: Bill Holden, Brandon Strickland, Lonnie Ward, Amanda Sykes, Tim Sykes, James Benton, Duck Britt, Kyle Blackmon , Eric Britt, Eric Shipman, Joel Blackmon, and Tommy Carter. I thank each and every one of you judges for giving up your time to help this sport that so many love. I know that deer season is right around the corner and that most of you hunt. I hope all of you have a successful and safe hunting season.
Thank you Terrie Holden for helping us get the scores posted and getting us out early even though the days are getting shorter.
A big thank you to the feed companies that continue to support our hunts also, they are Pride(Mike Carr),
Showtime(Randy McGouvern) and Valu-pak(Ronnie Mace).
Thank you Payton Stroud for selling 50/50 tickets .
I am sure I have missed someone but please know that I appreciate all that is done to help me with this event each month. Without ALL OF YOU, I could not do it.
Congratulations to all the winners.

Bench Show


1st #511 Broadway Joe: Broadway JP & Broadway Hershey/ Blow-N-Smoke Knls. Conway, S.C.
2nd #85 Whiskey: Hollow Oaks Rabbit & Ronnie’s Flossy/Isaac and Lyla Howard, Monk’s Corner, S.C.
3rd #515 Boss Man: Broadway JP & Broadway Hershey/ Blow-N-Smoke Knls, Conway, S.C.
4th #16 Three Speed Chewey: Ch. Rowdy & J W’s Pearl Jam/Randy Mercer, Whiteville, N.C.
5th #91 Top Dog Grey Man: Ward’s Ranger II & Ward’s Gloria/ Robbie Welch, Bonneau, S.C.


1st #25 Hot Flash: Harris Gold Platinum & Shuler’s Wonder Woman/ Henry, Steve and Vicki Jordan , Conway, S.C.
2nd #113 Martha: S&N Repo and Leggett’s Abby/ Isaac Howard, Monk’s Corner, S.C.
3rd #95 Top Dog Snow: Ward’s Ranger II & Ward’s Rehab/ Robbie Welch, Bonneau, S.C.
4th #375 Down South’s AB: Ch. Howard’s High Tide & Hoss’s Lil Faith/ Landon Woodle and Todd Howard , Conway, S.C.

BIS #25 Hot Flash
BOS #511 Broadway Joe

340 Points to get in and 620 to win

1st #2 Three Speed’s Steel: Fd. Ch. B&B’s Rowdy and J&W’s Pearl Jam/ Three Speed Knls., Whiteville, N.C.

2nd #908 Mincey’s Squirrel: Broadways JP & Broadways Ann Bill/ Nick, Benji, and Nick, Aynor, S.C.
3rd #4 Squealer: Broadway’s JP & JB’s Squeaky/Slow & Steady and Pay Pal Kennels, Green Sea, S.C.
4th #102 Moore’s Cheer wine: Trail Blazin Cowboy & Coot’s Runaway Brownie/ Triple-M- Kennels, Clarkton, N.C.
5th #60 Langston’s Cream: G Vegas Share Cropper & Langston’s Puddles/ Slow Rollin’ Kennels, Hemingway, S.C.
6th #90 Smooth Moves Dixie: Smooth Moves Trump & Bass’ Mattie/Smooth Moves Kennels, Rocky Point, N.C.
7th #14 Fly :Broadway’s JP & Fly Low Star/ Slow & Steady and Pay Pal Knls., Green Sea, SC
8th #616 Wright’s Mid Night: Wright’s Apple Jack & Third day Nala/ Wayne Wright, Bonneau, SC
9th #6 Smooth Moves Vicky: Smooth Moves Trump & Bass’ Mattie/ Smooth Moves Knls., Rocky Point, N.C.
10th #22 Cherry’s Slim: Noble’s Copper & Noble’s Vegas/ Daniel Cherry, Conway, S.C.
11th #74 Charlie: Slow & Steady and Pay Pal Kennels
12th #50 Smooth Moves Rolly Polly: Smooth Moves Kennels
13th #904 Mincey’s Speedy: Nick, Benji & Nick
14th #16 Three Speed’s Chewey: Three Speed Kennels
15th #70 Langston’s Boss: Slow Rollin Kennels

465 points to get in and 790 to win

1st #515 Blow-N-Smoke Boss Man: Broadway’s JP and Broadway’s Hershey/Henry, Steve, & Vicki Jordan, Conway, S.C.
2st #25 Blow-N-Smoke Hot Flash: Harris’s Gold Platinum & Shuler’s Wonder Woman/Henry, Steve and Vicki Jordan, Conway, S.C.
3rd #29 Sleepy Prongs Freckles: West’s Smooth & Chance’s Kat/ Sleepy Prong Kennels, Andrews, S.C.
4th #1 Front Row’s Mocking Bird: Front Row’s Float & Howell’s Brownbird/ Front Row Kennels, Ash, N.C.
5th #511 Blow-N-Smoke Broadway Joe: Broadway’s JP & Broadway’s Hershey/Henry, Steve, and Vicki Jordan , Conway, S.C.
6th #85 Lyla Whiskey: Hollow Oak Rabbit & Ronnie’s Flossy/ Keep Em Talking, Monks Corner, S.C.
7th #155 Moore’s E-85: Need No Help Joker & Moore’s Honey Bee/ Triple-M-Kennels, Clarkton, N.C.
8th #101 T.Z. Minnie: Kennedy’s 8 Ball & Croatan Vamp/T.Z. Kennels, Raeford, N.C.
9th #87 Slow & Steady’s Bailey: B&B’s Chrome & MK’s Roxy/ Slow & Steady/Pay Pal Kennels, Green Sea, S.C.
10th #19 Just Enough’s Country Girl: High Dollar and Crisco’s Elizabeth/Just Enough Kennels, Pembroke, NC.
11th #15 Smooth Moves Lady Mae: Smooth Moves Kennels
12th #111 Slow & Steady’s Foxy: Slow & Steady/ Pay Pal Kennels
13th #61 Front Row’s Comanche: Front Row Kennels
14th #141 Top Gun Crown: Top Gun Kennels
15th #77 Front Row’s Big Bird: Front Row Kennels

Combination : #25 blow-N-Smoke Hot Flash/ Henry, Vicki & Steve Jordan
Best Mouth : #53 Lee’s Mouth / Racoon Run Kennels
Classiest Hound #60 Langston’s Cream/Slow Rollin Kennels