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Re: 1978 Stud Hound Vault

Where was the Joe Mathis / Foxcliff pen located? Near what town?

Re: 1978 Stud Hound Vault

It was at Kossuth Ms.
About 20 miles from the Tenn..line.

Re: 1978 Stud Hound Vault

They put 25 reds in it the first year and for 2 yrs. I never saw nothing like it. Night after night for 2 yrs all night long. Bobby Hatcher sent some of those first Guinea dogs up there to get in shape.
After that bunch of fox they never could get it to run like that again. We have some great memories from there and some old hunters I’ll never forget.

Re: 1978 Stud Hound Vault

Thank you so very much! It seems the Mathis pen is no longer in operation. Is he still alive?