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Results for C&M Puppy/Derby on 5/11/24

C&M Puppy and Derby
Chadbourn ,N.C.

May 11th Puppy and Derby Hunt at C&M was a good one. We got a lot to be thankful for. Good weather for one. We got a fresh rain the night before and the weather was very cool all day. We also had a good class of hounds that stayed on game and out of the roads and18 hardworking judges that made the scoreboards light up. Thank you Bill Holden for mastering the hunt and David Ward for serving as assistant master. Good job from both of you and also all the other judges who worked very hard: Lenny Crowe, Brandon Strickland, D.J. Enzor, Austin Benton, Bubba Tatum, Bubba Willis, Justin Benton, Jeff Blanton, Preston Corbett, Kyle Blackmon, Meredith Locklear, Tyson Elliott, Wesley Holloman, Joel Blackmon, Morgan Miller, and Matthew Hammond. Thank you all for helping and doing such a great job.
We had a good group of hunters, lots of kids that knew how to play and some new hunters who had not been before. Hope you all had a good time and will be back to see us real soon.
Thank you Terrie Holden for coming in early to help Hilda enter hounds and then entering scores and getting us out early even with all those scores from 18 judges.
I really appreciate it Terrie.
Thank you Bubba Willis for Judging the Bench Show and Brandon Strickland for serving as Ring Master. Good job you guys.
A Big thanks to Brandon Strickland for helping with Breakfast, then judging, then serving as ring master for the Bench Show then helping clean up after the hunt.
Also thank you Wesley for helping judge and cleaning up afterwards. Don’t know what I would do without either of you. Thanks so much.
Thank you to Holly Sellers and her daughter Jacquelynn for helping in the kitchen and selling 50/50 tickets. Good job ladies.
I would like to thank Ronnie Mace with Value Pac Feed for helping to support C&M. We really appreciate what you do.
Our next hunt will be a Puppy/Derby on June 8th. and I hope to see all of you then.
Congratulations to all the winners . Be safe and enjoy this last month of Spring.

Bench Show Results


1st #911 Front Row Big Sam: Broadways JP & Weathers Ivy/ Front Row Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
2nd #600 Fowlers Hulk H.L.: B&B Chrome & Fowler’s Foxy Lady H.L./High Life Kennel , Leland, N.C.
3rd #311 Smoke N Stack Archie: McKeithans Effort & Knights Hershey/Fisher Reaves, Riegelwood, N.C.
4th #55 Brunswick’s Mr. Biggs: Big L’s Limo & Big Creek Stella/ Brunswick Kennels, Leland, N.C.
5th #71 Kings Bully: Kings Hi-Pro & Kings Tide/Billy King’s Chase, Conway, S. C.
6th #187 Chief: Ch. Brokerite’s Assassin & Ward’s Mystery Girl/Johnny Shaw, Moncure, N.C.
7th #117 DC Fire Cracker: D&J Crush & D&J Mabelle/D C Kennels, Castle Hayne, N.C.
8th #152 Mills’ Cooperhead: Soy B&B Chrome & Never Nice SuperStar/Ham-mer Down Kennels, Delco, N.C.
9th #523 JMB’s Jack Flash: Mama’s Spanky & Just Mite Cinderella/ Jessica Gore, Delco, N.C.
10th #501 Ward’s Jeff: Fatboy’s Robert Redford & Kennedy’s Cashier/Kat Daddy Kennels/ Lamberttown, S.C.


1st #33 Blow-N-Smoke Bonnie: Bakes Big Show & Bakes Double Dutch/Henry, Vicki & Steve, Conway, S.C.
2nd #140 Fowler’s Ladybug H.L.: Soy ch. B&B Chrome & Fowler’s Foxy Lady H.L. /High Life Kennels, Leland, N.C.
3rd #150 Fowler’s Piper H.L. : B&B Chrome & Fowler’s Foxy Lady H.L./High Life Kennel, Leland, N.C.
4th #76 Smooth Moves Fly Girl: Southrn’ Ima Cat & Southrn’ Hope/ Smooth Moves Kennels, Rocky Point, N.C.
5th #111 Tattoo: Turdhill’s Bad Ben & Addie’s Rose/ Locked & Loaded Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
6th #811 Birdy: G-Vegas Black Draft & L J’s Blackbird/John-Michael Staples, Aynor, S.C.
7th #220 Make Up: Break em downs Smoochie & Hoogans Shine/ Austin Faulk, Tabor City, N.C.
8th #43 Blow-N-Smoke Chemo: Broadway’s J.P. &Blow-N-Smoke Dice/ Henry, Vicki and Steve, Conway, S.C.
9th #611 Lil Kim: Worley’s Lightin & Worley’s Bella/John-Michael Staples, Aynor, S.C.
10th #9 Squires Too Much: Kings Westen & Kings Rose/Chase Squires

BIS #33 Blow-N-Smoke Bonnie
BOS #911 Front Row Big Sam

Puppy Class 54 entries/ 685 pts to get in and
975 to win

1st #46 Southern Pride Milly: Swith Creek Rusty & Broadway Priss/Southern Pride Kennels, Evergreen, N.C.
2nd #800 Smith Johnboy: Lakehills Jay Bird 2 & Lakehills Spider/Smith Kennels, Kelly, N.C.
3rd #44 Izzy: All Natural Tink & All Natural J10/Get To’em Kennels, Whiteville, N.C.
4th #8 Joker: Break em Down’s Smoochie & Hoogans Shine/ Break em Down Tabor City, NC.
5th #26 Madea: Rex’s R J & Circle K Pepper /Dixie Acres/Circles K. Kennels, Loris, S.C.
6th #4 Little Bit: Rex’s R J & Circle K Pepper/ Dixie Acres/Circle K Kennels, Loris, S.C.
7th #130 Ocean Side’s Edge: Ch. Bond’s Buckskin Ray & Britt’s Ava/Batarora :Ocean Side Kennels, Leland, N.C.
8th #510 Blantons Kyle Nolton: ch. Blantons Red Pockett & Jordans Jett/ Out of Control Kennels, Castle Hayne, N.C.
9th #82 Nobles Trouble: B&B Chrome & Mike’s Superstar/Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
10th #600 Fowler’s Hulk H.L.: Soy B&B Chrome & Fowler’s Foxy Lady H.L./High Life Kennel, Leland, N.C.
11th #180 Fowler’s Pepper H.L./High Life Kennel
12th #10 Ward’s Mariah Carey / Kat Daddy Kennels
13th #2 High Voltage Trouble/ High Voltage Kennels
14th #34 Rock Steady’s Ryder/Rock Steady Kennels
15th #36 Kelly/ Kaleb Woods

Derby Class (66 entries/800 pts. To get in and 1200 to win)

1st #85 Nobles Shotgun: Cherry’s Hoss & Cherry’s Mini/Charlie Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
2nd #1 Smooth Moves Blackberry: Soy B&B Chrome & Bass’ Strawberry/Smooth Moves Kennels Rocky Point, N.C.
3rd #95 High Voltage’s Jane: Knockout’s Try Me & Chasin Times 2 Bit/ High Voltage Kennels, Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #87 Nobles Kitty: Cherry’s Hoss & Cherry’s Mini/Charlie Nobles, Aynor, S.C.
5th #7 Norris Roxy: Garner’s Chevrolet & Laurie’s Roxy/Ronny Norris, Wilmington, N.C.
6th #71 Kings Bully: King’s Hi Pro & King’s Tide/Chase & Trenton Squires, Conway, S.C.
7th #27 Gunter Rd. Boo Boo: Gunter Rd. Scar & Bryant’s Tar Top/Donnie Bryant, Manning, S.C.
8th #43 Blow-N-Smoke Chemo: Broadway’s J.P. & Blow-N_Smoke Dice/ Henry, Vicki & Steve, Conway, S. C.
9th #199 Triple Play Raven: King’s 2 Stroke & DuBose’s Lotto/Triple Play Kennels, Delco, N.C.
10th #177 Triple Play Taylor: T Bird’s Yellow Boy & T Byrds Cheerleader/ Triple Play Kennels, Delco, N.C.
11th #911 Front Row Big Sam/ Front Row Kennels
12th #311 Smoke N Stack Archie/Smoke N Stack Kennels
13th #217 BG/ John-Michael Staples
14th #111 Tattoo/Locked & Loaded Knls.
15th #21 Smooth Moves Neon/ Smooth Moves Kennels

Best Mouth #600 Fowler’s Hulk H.L./High Life Kennels, Leland, N.C.
Classy Hound #87 Nobles Kitty/ Charlie Nobles, Aynor, SC
Combination #71 King’s Bully/ Chase & Trenton Squires, Conway, SC