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Wv State 2 Day Derby Results

WV State Derby Results

May 10th - 11th 2024

@ Twin oaks Fox pen Liberty Ky.

1. #81 B&B's Baby Flower (B&B's Hank/B&B's Flower) B&B kennel Zuni, VA.

2. #77 B&B's Spice (Soy B&B's Chrome/Butler's Abby) B&B Kennel Zuni, VA

3. #61 B&B's SGtripper G (Soy B&B's Chrome/Doy B&B's Lil Slipper) B&B Kennel Zuni, VA.

4. #11 Blanton's Laney Wilson ( Lake hills MonkeyBoots/Slady Bank Megan) Blanton Boy's Pawnee, IL.

5. #19 B&B's Iceman (B&B's loot/B&B's Jet) B&B Kennel Zuni, VA

6. #43 D&S Live Wire (D&S Trophy Rock-D&S Hazelnut) Dettwiller&son Pomeroy, OH.

7. #80 B&B's Intimidator G. (Soy B&B Chrome-Doy B&B's Lil Slipper) B&B Kennel Zuni VA.

8. #2 B&B's Lil Lexi G. (B&B's Hank - Ch. B&B's Lexi) B&B Kennel Zuni VA.

9. #6 Run And Hide Dottie (SDK's Spartagus - SDK's Rhonda Rosie) Run And Hide Kennels, Skipwith Va.

10.#32 Shorts Half Pint (Hightower's Mo-Money/Shorts Pat) Short Brother's Kennel, Kingsport TN.

Bench Show Result's
Derby Males

1. BOS #14 Run And Hide Valor (Effrids Stinger/Tuscarrora May) Run And Hide Kennel.

2. #19 B&B's Iceman (B&B's Loot/B&B's Jet) B&B's Kennels

3. #10 Ch. B&B's Boss (B&B's Loot/Rose's Lil Jackie) B&B' Kennel

4. #7 Blanton's Cooter ( Ch. Blanton's Sinner/Ch. Skile's Bigun) Blanton Boys

5. #99 Run And Hide Pyro (Effrids Stinger/Tuscarrora May) Run And Hide Kennels

6. #33 Shorts Rabbi Miler (cky(b)ch. Tanner Bill V./Hillbrook Hope) Short Brother's

7. #1 Gentery's Charlie (Crisco's charlie/Cravern's Mouse) Elgin Gentry

Derby Females

1. (BIS) #6 Run And Hides Dottie (SDK's Spartagus/SDK's Rhonda's Rosie) Run And Hide Kennels

2. #75 D&S's See Me Later (D&S Medican Man/CKY (d)ch. D&S Seaweed) Dettwiller&Son

3. #61 B&B's Stripper G. (SOY B&B Chrome/DOY B&B's Lil Stripper) B&B Kennels

4. #77 B&B's Spice (SOY B&B Chrome/Butler's Abby) B&B Kennels

5. #66 B&B's Queen (SOY B&B Chrome/Kidd's Speedy) B?&B Kennel's

Combination Winner #77 B&B's Spice (SOY B&B's Chrome/Butler's Abby) B&B Kennel's

Classest Hound #80 B&B Intimidator (SOY B&B Chrome/Doy B&B's Lil Stripper) B&B Kennel's

Best Mouth #191 B&B's Halo (B&B's Loot/B&B's Jet) B&B Kennel's