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VA Pen Series Choc Chuma Round 2

The second round of the VA Pen Series is in the book! The pen was rocking all 5 hours and the scores were packed tight with less than 200 points separating the top 40 dogs. Here are your results.

1. Mamba - P&C Soul Brother X Moonlights Viper - Moonlight Kennels
2. Mickey - Bennett's Clyde X Bennett's Snoopy - Skint Up Mafia
3. Bennett's Sneaky - CH Country Boy Jaybird X Cotton's Beezy - Bennett's Kennels
4. Bermuda - CH CMK's Calvary X Southern Style Salt Life - Brent Hackett
5. Nightmare's Primetime - KS&T Prettyboy X Nightmare's Superchick - Nightmare Kennel
6. Dodger - Wades Flash X Knockdown's Squealy - Knockdown Kennels
7. Showin Off Smutt - Millard's Ringer Ray X Showin Off Teeny - Showin Off Kennels
8. Ben Jammin - T-Byrd's Ben X Coots Runaway Brownie - Brent Hackett
9. Sheba - Spears MTN Sargent X Spears MTN Felicia - Brent Hackett
10. Thunder - P&C Soul Brother X Moonlights Viper - Moonlight's Kennels
11. Rico - Cliborne Carolina X WT's Becky - Snack Pack Kennels
12. Fry Fly - Spears MTN Blazer X S&N's Lil Stitch - Slangin Brass Burnin Ass Kennels
13. Jackson's Turbo - Huckstep's Stone X Highlight Reels Fireball - Diesel Smoke Kennels
14. Side Pocket - Kennedy's 8 Ball X Gaskins Emma - Grave Yard Kennels
15. Jolene - Silver Bullet's Big Stick X Powell's Rose - Skint Up Mafia
16. Bennett's Barky - B&B's Loot X Sammi Jo - Bennet's Kennel
17. Melton's Ace - Bond's Pistol X Bond's Black Magic - Todd Osborne
18. Black Betty - Wallaces Marcel X CH Atikins Runt Runt - Misfit's Kennels
19. Cash - Butler Woods Suga Diddy X Noblins Sissy - Misfits Kennels
20. Jeffro - B&B Superman X Butler Moe Moe C - Down and Dirty Kennels.

Congrats to all that placed and a big shout out to all 29 judges we had there to lock the pen down! Last but not least a huge shout out to all of our sponsors.
Joy Dog Food, Outdoor Dog Supply, Cajun Lights, Rocksea Designs, Mikes Machine, The Masters, The Hunters Horn, Chestnut Mtn Feed Co, Timber & Shore Hunting Supply, Wilkes Jewelers, Wilkins Outdoor Products, Doc Purdy one stop shop, Blankets by Big Country, Eagle Home Service, Dogtight and Carson Robertson, JB’s Hauling and Grading, Nathan Lehman, and Austin Tomlin.