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2014 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6
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Top Gun Results

Top Gun
Oct 8-11 Deep South Running Pen
Picayune, Ms.
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184 hounds

1) IRHC,SoMs(f) Ch Webb's Blackie (Triple J Black x Triple J Peggy)
Webb & Ely Ocean Springs, MS.

2) WH(b)Ch P&D Skid Row (Clear Cut Kid Rock x Fras Bros Ruth)
Parker/ Davis Kennels Shelbyville/Ruston

3) Ch Kyle's Big Money (Ch Nash's Willie x White's Brandy)
Strickly Mafia Kiln, MS.

4)WH(f)Ch Richie's Midget (Canoy's Matt Liquor x G&E's Lemon drop)
Strickly Mafia Kiln, MS.

5)Wills' Curly (D&S Mighty Man x Phillips' Big Head H)
Dennis Wills Gunnison, MS

6)P&D's K-Bar (Ch Lofton's Jeremiah x Foxfire Puddin)
Triple J Kennels Petal,MS.

7)SS(f)Ch Turner's Hit-a-Lic (Jim Miller's Hobo x Ch Turner's Charmin)
WBT July Kennel Ellsinore,MO.

8)Jackie's Cowboy (Ch Nash's Willie x K&D Mollie)
Strickly Mafia Kiln,MS.

9) ArkSt(d)Ch Parker's Abigal (Ch Lofton's Jeremiah x Webb's Hopper)
Parker/Davis Kennels Shelbyville/Ruston

10) Ch Perryboy Big Mac (Ch Hoehner's Bold Ruler x Sullivan's Nightmare)
Perry boy Kennels Independence, LA

11) RPM Mailman (RPM Ringo x RPM Shy)
Robby Morse Utica, MS

12) McMillan's Bonnie Star (Ch McMillan's Little D x Hogue's Dixie)
McMillan's Foxhound Kennels Crystal Springs, MS.

13) THK's Piper ( Ch. Hoehner's Geronimo x Hackler's Zap)
Thundering Herd Kennels Warrensburg,MO

14) P&D's Baby Ruth (Clear cut Kid Rock x Fras Bros Ruth)
Parker/Davis Kennels Shelbyville/Ruston

15) McGaha's Baby Face (Montgomery's Sport x McGaha's Rose)
R&K Kennels Oak Grove, LA

16) Pritchard's Lucy (Ch Christi's Lincoln x Pritchard's BJ)
Hemps Creek Kennel Jena,La

17) Webb's Tuff (Ch Lakehill's Chilli x Ch Webb's Red Gal)
Webb & Ely Kennels Ocean Springs,MS

18)Webb's Ring (Ch Lofton's Jeremiah x Webb's Little Fly)
Webb & Ely Kennels Ocean Springs, MS

19)Webb's Lemon Girl (Ch Webb's Whiteman x Hell Cat Guinea)
Webb & Ely Kennels Ocean Springs, MS

20) Hound Hill Astro (Ch Pinedale Swiper B x D&S Ringtone)
Hound Hill Kennels Ruston,LA

21)S&L's Sassy (S&L's Sport x S&L's Wink)
Kermie and Cody Ladner Kiln,Ms

22)Peyton's Yellow (Top Notch CJ x Peyton's Monkey)
Peyton & Hunter Joiner Ponchatoula,LA

23) Top Flite Sadie (J's Stranger H x J's Lil Rat H)
Top Flite Kennels All Over, AL

24)Wolf River Kitty (Wolf River Black Crow x Wolf River Raven)
Wolf River Foxhound Kennels Kiln.MS

25)DSM(b)Ch Webb's June (Webb's Money Man x Ch Webb's June)
Webb&Ely Kennel Ocean Spring, MS

26) Ch DM John (DM Push x Bryd's Tootsie)
Tom & Bubba Powell Morrilton, AR

27)Ladner's Crazy ( Bud Hill Leo x Bud Hill Peanut)
Chad Ladner Kiln,MS

28) Ch Guyotte's Scooter (Guyotte's Wishbone x Foxfire Puddin)
Brian & Paula Guyotte Quitman,LA

29)Kimmy Lynn Perry (Leroy the Great x Ma Bell's Bell)
Perry Boy Kennels Independence,LA

30) Bond's Blitz (Ch Bonner's Humpy x Sullivan's Sue)
Triple "B" Kennels Wallace,NC

31)Richie's LJ (Hydrill LJ x Bryce's Mouse)
Strickly Mafia Kiln,MS

32) Pritchard's JB (Ch Christi's Lincoln x Pritchard's BJ)
Hemps Creek Kennel Jena,LA

33) Cade's 99 (CB Straight Guinea x Canoy's Bobby Lou)
Strickly Mafia Kiln,MS

34) Guyotte's Sarah (Guyotte's Wishbone x Scott's Honey)
Brian & Paula Guyotte Quitman,LA

35)Kyle's Lil T (Kyle's Mr.T x River Road Bad Girl)
Strickly Mafia Kiln,MS

36)Ray's Nitro (Ch Nash's Willie x Kyle's Jen)
Ray Necaise Bay St Louis,MS

37)SELA,LaM,WP(f)Ch White Cash McCallum (Ch Nash's Willie x Kyle's Ms Ruby)
McCallum Kennel Tylertown,MS

38)P&D's Stone (Ch Lofton's Jeremiah x Firefly's Icanfly)
Parker/Davis Shelbyville/Ruston

39)Webb's Stretch (Ch Lofton's Godfather x River City Jan)
Webb & Ely Kennels Ocean Springs,MS

40) C&M's Tank (Hy-Drill Humpy x C&M's Little Bit)
C&M's Kennels Perkinston,MS

Dual Champion WH(b)Ch P&D's Skid Row
Combo WH(B)Ch P&D's Skid Row
Best Mouth RPM Mailman
Classiest Hound Jackie's Cowboy
BIS McMillan's Tori (Ch McMillan's Little D x Ch Westbrook's Tori)
McMillan Foxhound Kennel
BOS Ch PerryBoys Big Mac (Ch Hoehner's Bold Ruler x Sullivan's Nightmare)
Perry Boy Kennels