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709th Maint Bn. & The 99th CSB

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709th Maint Bn. & The 99th CSB
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Re: Re: Info on 709th Maint


Nice site, I think I have some pics of Ben Luc I'll have to dig through my pics, I'll e-mail them to u.

Terry Ashcraft

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Dean sometime in june I will start looking through my slides. Im have a bounch that maybe of some help. Roy

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I am looking for Info on the base camp that the 709th Maint serv. on. Dong Tam, Ben Luc, Bear Cat, Tan An Was There any other bases. I am looking for photo of the main gates, Photo of the the

base camp Signs, and any other useful Info. for the 709th web site. Does Any one have photo of the POL Dump fire at Dong Tam or Tan An. I also need help making a list of other units that serv. on the bases

Thank You

Dean Ayres