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Re: Migraine

Dear Abi,

Indeed, if your mom was thoroughly examined by doctors who did not find any physical reason why she's having migraine, then finding any spiritual reason is just appropriate and wise to heal her pain.

To do this, let's work together in identifying the unknown cause of her migraine in the spirit world. Then with God's guidance, we can know how to end her migraine.

In this task, I need you as my intel on the ground.

Let us make a profile of your mom. This will provide me an insight to the cause of her migraine so please send me the info I need on the following:

1. Her age, marital status, home address
2. Is she living alone or with others?
3. Describe her neighborhood. Is it peaceful? No domestic violence or crimes ever happened there? Get a glimpse of history of the neighborhood since her migraine begun 10 years ago to identify any unseen or inconspicuous forces that your mom could be picking up in the morning.
4. Describe your mom's mentality, her mindset, disposition, beliefs, fears, pet peeves, strength, weaknesses.
5. Describe how she handles issues, problems, anything that matters to her.
6. Describe her emotional responses when she is offended.
7. Describe her happy moments. What makes her happy?
8. Describe her sad moments. What makes her sad?
9. Describe her childhood. Was she happy or bitter?
10. How does she handle her migraine?

If you feel that the info is classified, please email it to me at

Regards and God bless,

Leo Calderon