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Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Danny Morris
Randy Frasier

Elton Paul
Doug Shockey

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Clif Parker/Paul West
Folks, earlier in 2021, the Masters Foxhunters Association announced it would be seeking your nominations for Hall of Fame inductees and the time has come.

Deadline for nominations is January 7, 2022.

Let's all do this---You can nominate up to three living and three deceased to be considered by the selection committee.-- You are welcome to include facts to justify your nomination.

Below is a complete list of the previous Hall of Fame Inductees for your review.

Class of 2002 -
Hubert Caroll Clemons b. 10-06-1928 d. 04-03-2005 Green Sea, South Carolina
Aubrey Norwood Nichols, Sr. b. 05-19-1896 d. 08-10-1980 Vaughn, Mississippi
James Weaver Meggs b. 11-01-1894 d. 01-28-1969 Marshville, North Carolina

Class of 2003 -
Bill Kennedy b. 02-15-1936 d. 01-16-2007 Red Bay, Alabama
Hinkel Shillings b. 4-11-1903 d. 04-10-2000 Center, Texas
Joshua Percy Flowers b. 05-23-1903 d. 11-02-1982 Clayton, North Carolina

Class of 2004 -
Al LeGrand b. 11-22-1921 d. 07.08-2007 Boydton, Virginia
Mose Hill b. 02-25-1911 d. 09-23-1995 Waco, Kentucky
Billy Ray Johnson b. 06-25-1934 d. 01-13-1989 Booneville, Arkansas

Class of 2005 -
Lewis Garner b. 01-07-1935 Vass, North Carolina
Woods Walker b. 03-16-1809 d. 02-09-1956 Paint Lick, Kentucky
Jim Taylor b. 09-06-1934 d. 12-08-2002 Meridian, Mississippi

Class of 2006 -
Charles Graham b. 10-09-1933 Johnsonville, South Carolina
George Washington Maupin b. 12-10-1807 d. 01-15-1868 Madison County, Kentucky
Marvin Odell b. 01-18-1923 d- 01-27-2005 Slater, Missouri

Class of 2007 -
Arthur Purvis b. 09-28-1927 Carthage, North Carolina
Jimmy Brown b. 05-16-1939 d. 04-18-2006 Kingstree, South Carolina
Rodney Terrebonne b. 03-12-1937 d. 01-22-2006 Carlyle, Mississippi

Class of 2008 -
David Hellums b. 02-02-1933 Pearl, Mississippi
Gerald Simmons b. 12-11-1928 Powhatan, Virginia
Bobby Cleghorn b. 8-1-1932 Waleska, Georgia
Virgil Wallgren b. 05-18-1929 d.12-28-2009 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Joe Gibson b. 08-01-1921 Dadeville, Alabama
Sam Lewis Wooldridge b. 02-20-1880 d. 12-13-1945 Versailles, Kentucky
James Whitley Royal b. 08-19-1940 d. 10-31-2007 Fitzgerald, Georgia

Class of 2009 --
Fred Walker b. 08-03-1950 Ben Lomond, Arkansas
Ronnie Barefoot b. 07-21-1950 Dunn, North Carolina
Ebbie McElveen b. 10-14-1934 d. 06-02-2009 Cades, South Carolina
Haiden Curd Trigg b. 05-27-1834 d. 03-20-1930 Glasgow, Kentucky
Jim Shaw b. 05-27.1924 d. 09-10-1992 Chucky, Tennessee
Joe Kennedy b. 09-08-1937 d. 11-29-2008 Pearl River, Louisiana
J.T. Greenway b. 11-10-1934 d.11-27-2007 Bloomingdale, Georgia

Class of 2010 - -
J.W. Webb b.04-20-1935 Ocean Springs, Mississippi
George Hill b. 10-28-1951 Waco, Kentucky
Waldene Golden b. 05-08-1938 McCrory, Arkansas
John Henry Allen b. 08-09.1883 d. 03-23-1961 Luka, Mississippi
Aubrey Norwood Nichols, Jr. b. 06-09-1925 d. 11-03-2006 Benton, Mississippi
Dr. C. M. Davis, Jr. b. 08-22-1915 d. 04-30-1973 Woodville, Texas
L.J. Beasley b. 10-25-1904 d. 06-03-1983 Terry, Mississippi
Wallace Dempsey b. 08-19-1928 d. 10-20-2002 Cave Springs, Georgia

Class of 2011
D.A. Kirby
Alex Parrish
T. Ross Alexander
Toby Spurlock
Reggie Edwards - Black Jack, NC
Scott Hoehner

Class of 2012 –
Harland Stonecipher, Centrahoma, OK
Bill Linker, Stoney Point, NC
A.O. Waters, Jackson MS
Leon canoy. Ronnie mcmillan

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Roby bogue

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

BILL BORUM,,,BURKEVILLE VIR.. Born 08-26-31 Died 01-10-13

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)


Oscar Johns”Bill”Borum Jr.
Born August 26th, 1931
Died January 10th,2013
Oscar Johns ‘Bill’ Borum Jr. age 81 of Greenbay, Va. Passed away January 10th 2013. He was born in Prince Edward County on August 26th 1931 to Hilda and Oscar Borum.
Bill attended Farmville High School where he excelled in Football and Baseball. He was married to Fannie Mae Snow Borum for 60 years. Mr. Borum was a retired employee of Norfolk and Southern Railroad. Over a lifetime he built a beautiful farm, “Rolling Hills”. Bill was a deacon and served on the board at Liberty Christian Church, Greenbay Va. The Church was a large part of his life.
As a member of the Virginia Fox Hunters Association, Bill was known to bring many trophies home. He enjoyed his fox dogs, hunting and being with many friends at fox hunts. Bill was always ready to help others.
Mr. Borum is survived by his wife, Fannie Mae Snow Borum; sister, Martha Foster of Richmond; two sons, William Douglas Borum; and Jeffery Todd Borum(Theresa) of Greenbay Va.;daughter, Cheryl B. Talley(Tommy) of Mechanicsville Va.;grandchildren, Angela Borum Whirley(Darrell) of Church Road, Va. William”Billy”Borum(Yayma) of Houston, Texas; Ryan and Jason Talley of Mechanicsville Va.; great grandchildren, Gage Whirley of Blacksburg Va. and Gabriella Borum of Houston, Texas; special niece, Barbara Covington Trinkle of Farmville Va.
He was preceded in death by a daughter; Cynthia Lynn Borum.
Bill and his wife were members of the greatest generation that built this nation into a super power. With tremendous work ethic he farmed by day and drove a freight train by night for many years. Mr. Borum was a great character who worked hard but also loved life and lived it to the fullest. His big ruff voice and huge laugh could be heard in any crowd he may have been a part of. He never lost his playful nature and could carry on with young and old.
We all have some Bill Borum story to tell and hunters at his funeral gathered up and remembered quite a few. But one I will share came from a longtime friend who spoke at the funeral service. “How Oscar Johns Borum Jr. got the nickname “Bill.” It seems his father had a mule named “Bill “and being a child of the 1930,s that was a form of transportation. As he became big enough to ride, Mr. Borum took over the mule. He rode by folks on the mule named “Bill” so often. That family and neighbors started referring to the mule and the kid riding him to the same name. So in time the mules name got stuck on Bill Borum.

WE remember Bill Borum the hunter. A guy that figured out how to put the “heel” in a white hound, yet keep the stamina and track running ability bred in the genes also. He won many first place Speed and Drive Trophy’s at One and Three Day Field Trials. He also placed HGA and won Many Field Championships at those same hunts.
A seasoned Virginia hunter and Judge once said” Bill Borum has probably got more living champions on his farm than any man in Virginia and maybe the Southeast”
Bill was also a fierce competitor that did not like to lose in anything and worked hard to stay on top of whatever interest he was involved in. He owned a Foxhound Running Preserve named “Ivy Bluff”. It was so well managed that Hound Owners from hundreds of miles away came to try and run the Famed “Ivy Bluff Reds”. If some hunter placed a dog ahead of his hound at a Field Trial that ran the dog at his Fox Preserve he would often joke the dog was trained by “Ivy Bluff Reds” (so it was OK if he placed ahead of Mr. Borums hound.)
Bill Borum will be remembered in the Hall Of Fame of Virginia Foxhound Owners and Breeders. And the other Halls of Fame of Hound Owners across the nation.
He will be greatly missed!! But, remember the stories about him and the many Champions that he raised and competed.
Few of us will leave a Legacy in our sport. But many of us can say we knew a Hall of Fame Class Hunter if we knew and hunted and competed against Bill Borum.
One of Mr. Borums sayings that will help us all for generations to come was.

Successful Hounds come from 65 percent female
20 percent male
15 percent hunter

Rest In Peace Oscar Johns “Bill” Borum Jr.
I Hope the Reds Take in the Entire Kingdom

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Deceased Robby Bogue
Living Danny Morris

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Decease Robby bogue

Living barry frasier not scared to say he has probably heard more fox and coyote races than anyone living and can manage a fox pen second to none

Preacher ratley always hard to beat for many years always has good advise

Frank dolenz always a good sportsman

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Jerry Martin
Marianna, FL

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)


Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Gary Verling he won an placed at a lot of field trails winning bench shows an trails. He won the USO with Cedar Lane Clyde. He was the first fox pen in the state of Va. Could sell raid to a bug. A great man an missed by many.

He was a great man.

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Haskell Spires
Jerry Martin
Wyatt Osteen

Re: 2022 Hall of Fame Nominations (Living and Deceased)

Bud Davis Lufkin Tx