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Sir Bill Puppies

Several Litters of DryCreek,SunshineState(f)FloraBama(bd)CH J's Sir Bill H puppies:

Two Females off Foxhall's Robin, born early October 2015 - $300

One Male off Gib's Mandy, born Jan 21st 2016 - $300
Full mates from the first cross won 1st SD at AL State Derby, 1st SD at Santa Rosa Derby, 10th SD at Chase Futurity, and several more placings at one day hunts. Only 2 puppies in this litter.

Teapot JHH (Gib's Casey x Honeybee) - born February 16th 2016
Ringo JHH (Gib's Casey x Honeybee) - born February 20th 2016
Coondog JHH (Gib's Casey x Honeybee) - born February 24th 2016
These gyps are grandpups out of Bonner's Humpy. All 3 strong, athletic, and fast. More 1 day type than 3 day. I'm going to keep about half of the pups from these 3 litters but there are 10-12 in this group for sale. - $200

Slash JHH (Gib's Jessie x Gib's Mandy) - born February 24th 2016
Another grandpup out of Bonner's Humpy. Very strong body, loud chop mouth.
Nine pups in this litter - $125

Also have one November 2015 pup out of Gus (Sir Bill x Liza Jane) and Gib's Hannah (Sir Bill's littermate). Spotted pup and I don't like the color. - $200

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